The Benefits of Being an MOT Tester or Vehicle Technician Contractor

The Benefits of Being an MOT Tester or Vehicle Technician Contractor

This article was originally published on 22 January 2016

Are you an MOT Tester/Vehicle Technician who is considering becoming a contractor?

Being a contractor in the automotive industry is different from being permanently employed. Taking that first step into contracting, especially if you are leaving a permanent position, might feel scary, but once you’ve made that move, you’ll wish you did it a long time ago.

Autotech Recruit has decided to prepare a series of short advice videos for those looking for a job in the automotive industry and we are kicking off the series with a clip about the benefits of becoming a contractor.

So what are the advantages of working as a contractor?

Every contractor has his or her own reasons for liking it. Based on our experience some of the most common ones for MOT Testers and Vehicle Technicians are:

Higher earnings

Contractors can usually be paid more than permanent employees. The minimum daily rate for Autotech Recruit's contractors is £100 (for an 8-hour working day).


There are different options allowing you to work as a contractor and utilise your skills when it suits you: just on certain days, weekends or during the time off from your full-time job. In essence, you can choose when you want to be in contract.


Working as an MOT Tester or Vehicle Technician contractor allows you to broaden your skills and experience within different types of automotive businesses. One time you might be working in an independent garage, the next in a large national dealership or government organisation.

Capacity to claim expenses

Contracting gives you an advantage of being able to claim expenses for travel, meals and in some cases for accommodation.

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