Introducing the new kids on the block

Meet some of our recent interns and see where they are now!

New Kids On The Block


A new stream of young talent is beginning to fill the automotive skills void. Since early 2021, Autotech Academy has taken newly qualified vehicle technicians and placed them into motor trade employment via a unique paid internship initiative.

As we celebrate National Intern Week (25-29 September), we hear from some of the interns and what the Autotech Academy experience has meant to them:


Holly qualified with a Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair at St Austell College and has recently completed a 12 month Autotech Academy internship with Dorset Police, (hosts of the Devon and Cornwall Police force fleet). Holly has now been employed permanently and is currently stationed within the force's Bodmin workshop.

“I have had a life-long passion for cars and was keen to transfer this to my career. It was common knowledge amongst everyone on my course that actually finding an automotive role would be difficult. So many fully qualified students struggle to get into the industry due to their lack of experience, but we just need to be given a chance."

"That’s why I signed up for Autotech Academy. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the police and, while I am able to put the college theory into practice, I have learned so much on the job in such a short space of time.”

QUALIFICATION - Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

STUDIED AT - St Austell College

WORKING AT - Dorset Police

Sean Leahy has been permanently employed as a Technician at Wollaston BMW following a six month internship after he graduated from college.

“I heard about Autotech Academy when they visited my college and presented the internship initiative to us along with sharing some really beneficial tips on securing an automotive career. I didn’t hesitate when I was invited to apply for an internship at Wollaston BMW as Autotech Academy offered such a great deal, including a toolbox which is an expensive purchase for people who have recently finished their studies."

"I really do believe that, had I not gone down the Autotech Academy route, I would have struggled to be in the position I am today. I would encourage anyone, recently qualified, or due to qualify from an automotive course, to consider contacting them. The team have been incredibly supportive, always ready to answer any questions I may have. Now I have finished my internship, my goal is to pursue further training and continue on a career path with Wollaston BMW.”


QUALIFICATION - Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

STUDIED AT - Northampton College

WORKING AT - Wollaston BMW


Rajan Kainth was one of three interns placed with The Volkswagen Van Centre in Birmingham. After qualifying with a Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in August 2020, Rajan struggled to secure a role within the automotive industry and was repeatedly told that he needed at least 3-5 years' experience.

“I thought once I had qualified, I would easily find work, but quickly realised it was easier said than done! I tried independents and dealer groups for technician positions, and even considered going down the apprentice route just to secure a role but, in doing this, I may as well have written off the last three years of my course."

"When I heard about Autotech Academy, I thought it was a great opportunity. Out of around 50 people on my course, I think just a couple have actually managed to secure an automotive role. The industry really needs to commit to young people like me who hold the theory but lack the experience.”

QUALIFICATION - Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

STUDIED AT - Walsall College

WORKED AT - The Volkswagen Van Centre

Jessica Hunt took a slightly different route to become an Autotech Academy intern. After completing her IMI Level 1 in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair at Chester College, Jessica left full-time studies to complete her qualification as an apprentice.

After three years of working at a garage in Deeside, the 21-year-old completed her Level 2 and Level 3 qualification. Keen to pursue a career as a vehicle technician, fuelled by a lifelong love of helping her dad work on family cars, Jessica left the Deeside site after becoming disillusioned as the only woman working at the garage.

"I came across Autotech Academy after completing my apprenticeship and qualifying with a Level 3. I was looking for a placement and felt that the internship route would be a good opportunity and provide the right level of support.”

Meet Jess

QUALIFICATION - Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair via an apprenticeship

WORKING AT - Rybrook Volvo

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