Contractor Testimonials

Portraits of Autotech Recruit's contract vehicle technicians

See what our contract MOT testers and vehicle technicians say about working with Autotech Recruit.

We understand that giving up a permanent job can be daunting, but, trust us, a vast majority of those who did, never looked back! With over 300+ contractors in our network, Autotech Recruit is the leading provider of work for highly skilled MOT testers and vehicle technicians in the UK. Here are some of the testimonials our contractors kindly agreed for us to share with you.

I have been working for Autotech Recruit just over 18 months. When I started, I didn’t realise the demand for good technicians at short notice. I enjoy the variety and flexibility that the work offers. The consultants I have dealt with have always tried their best and go over and above to ensure everything goes smoothly.
The financial rewards are very good. Combined with the flexibility and variety, this makes it a perfect career for a more mature person. I do and have promoted the job to other technicians. I will be continuing as a contractor for a long while.

I had hesitations on joining Autotech Recruit Ltd: Would I fit in? Are my standards good enough for the company? I need not have had any. I was made to feel at home from day one. The team have looked after me very well.
Some of the best things about working for Autotech Recruit are the flexibility of the days one works, the variety of placements and the feeling that everything is taken care of for you. I would recommend working for Autotech Recruit.


Before working for Autotech Recruit I was in two minds about working for an agency as I was told many negative stories. Now that I have worked for Autotech Recruit, I couldn’t have found a better company to work for. My consultant is a great person – very helpful and always there when I need any advice. I would recommend Autotech Recruit to all my friends as it is an awesome company to work for, with great benefits and with very helpful members of staff.


Working as a relief tech does not suit everybody. Fear of the unknown and self-confidence are the biggest hurdles to overcome. I always put the upside of freedom of choice. A lot of assignments can be financially rewarding and over the year, you will overall be better off and choose your downtime as holidays. The consultant is the most important person in the chain and I have total respect and trust in mine.


“I have been working as a contractor for six years and can honestly say it is the best working decision that I have made. I like the flexibility of being able to work when I want to work and keep my weekends free for family and hobbies.”


“I find you get so much more appreciated than working permanently. But the most important thing is that I can spend time with my family and not miss my child growing up."


On starting work with Autotech Recruit in August 2014 I had very little idea of how many different automotive companies I would be working for. In this time I have always been very busy with little or no downtime due to lack of contracts. The work is challenging as we repair all makes of vehicles and I find working with different people throughout the country has given me more confidence in myself. I found the consultants I have worked for very helpful. Autotech Recruit are willing to work with me by giving me time to do all the things I like to do. I don’t work Saturdays now which helps me do more of my hobby teaching people to scuba dive. I have always promoted Autotech Recuit to other people I meet as a professional and caring company to work for. I’m looking forward to a long and very busy time with Autotech Recruit.


All MOT testers know how boring sometimes testing can get if you work month after month, year after year in the same place. Working with Autotech Recruit as a contractor is completely different. Contractors usually work at many different garages, but also return to the sites they have already been in, which for me is a big advantage of this job.
Despite the fact that this kind of work seems temporary, it actually is not. For myself contracting is a full-time job but under different conditions.
Working with Autotech Recruit brings many advantages and one of them is independence. Pay rates are very good and I am confident that very few employers can offer more than can be achieved annually with Autotech Recruit, despite working less.
The company always is the people, and I can say that Autotech Recruit is a team of professionals whose attitude is excellent. All customers and contractors are treated equally, professionally and with respect.


I’ve been working for Autotech Recruit for a year now. When I first started I was a bit doubtful as I didn’t know what to expect and the thought of working away from home never appealed to me. But I took a chance at it and I’ve really enjoyed myself. Different places, meeting different people and picking up new skills. The guys from Autotech Recruit have been brilliant from day one, from registering till now. If I had a problem, which was few and far between, I picked the phone up and it was dealt with no excuses. At this present moment in time I have no intentions of leaving Autotech Recruit as I like what I am doing and they have never left me without work.