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Contractor Frequently Asked Questions


How do Autotech Recruit Contractors get paid?

At the end of every week (or work placement if less than a week) you must submit a timesheet showing all the hours worked in that placement. This must be approved and signed by the branch manager. The timesheet then must be with Autotech Recruit before 9 am on Monday morning. If the timesheet is received on time, and there are no problems with it, then you will be paid on the Friday of the same week.

Please note that upon registration with Autotech Recruit, you will be asked how you wish your wages to be paid. There are two options:

• Via an umbrella payment company

• Via your limited business.

Autotech Recruit welcomes the registration of contractors that are working as a limited business. We will require copies of all of your limited company documents and you will also be asked to register your details with an umbrella company, who manage our payroll, and subsequently, submit your invoices directly to them. You will be paid the full amount you earn directly into your business bank account.

Please note that as a limited business, you can expect to take home 75-80% of your pay on a contract, compared to 60-65% via an umbrella payment company. If you are solely a vehicle technician with no MOT tester license, we encourage you to work with us via a limited business. Ask for more details upon registration and we can support you in creating a limited business if required.

What if I have penalty points on my MOT testing history?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept candidates with a history of MOT testing penalty points.

Can I just freelance at weekends/during my holidays?

Autotech Recruit will happily take on contractors to do only weekend work even if you are in full-time employment.

Some of our contractors work for us only during their annual leave (if it is allowed by their main employer's policy).

How flexible is freelancing with Autotech Recruit?

All contract work is flexible and you will be asked for your availability on a regular basis by your Autotech Recruit contact. If there are periods of time when you cannot work, then let your Autotech Recruit contact be aware of this at the earliest opportunity.

If a job is offered and you cannot commit, you need to make your Autotech Recruit contact aware of this. Being unavailable for a job will not affect the allocation of future work.

Do I need my own tools?

If you are contracted to work in a vehicle technician or bodyshop role then your own tools will be required.

Can anyone help me with my expenses?

Your umbrella company/payroll administrator will manage your expenses, so contact them directly if you have any to put through or if you have any problems.

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