MOT Annual Training Log 2023-2024

Save time by completing your MOT annual training record online

MOT Annual Training Log 2023-2024


Every year, all MOT testers must complete MOT CPD training which includes a minimum of 3 hours of MOT annual training entered onto a CPD log (Continuous Professional Development) and alongside this, you must pass the Annual Assessment exam.

This is compulsory training in order to retain your MOT tester status and be fully compliant. Autotech Recruit needs to see a copy of both your CPD log and Annual Assessment pass certificate.

The DVSA provide specific topics which must be studied and logged in your CPD and these topics are different every year. You can study extra topics for your own development however, the DVSA specific topics must be completed as a minimum.

To make this as easy as possible, Autotech Recruit have created a CPD log for you below, showing all the topics required by the DVSA. Complete the form below and chose 'Create Document' and this will give you a PDF copy to retain yourself and automatically submit a copy to Autotech Recruit, saving you from having to send in manually!


Our interactive tool allows you to populate your training log without having to print anything. Simply complete the information below to create your training log.

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