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Our Values

Our Values

CORE Values

Our core values are the central, underlying philosophies that guide Autotech Group and its employees. These beliefs also influence the way a company interacts with partners, clients, and shareholders. Our core values have been years in the making and through focus groups, brainstorming, looking to our customers, questionnaires and culture observation, the results speak for themselves.

We have collated four core values that will drive and motivate us, lead us to a greater sense of belonging and guide us to excellence.
Autotech Group Core Values are more than just words in a booklet or on a wall of the office – they are deeply rooted in the business because we all believe in them. Our entire workforce live these values day in, day out.

CoreValues - Together & Experts


Our business is a people business. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, united as a team, in the pursuit of a common goal. We empower, encourage and enable each other. We are our greatest ambassadors.

We are Experts

We are knowledgeable and have a unique understanding of our industry. We maintain our competitive advantage and can deliver excellence and an expert view adding value to the experience of our customers.

We are Progressive

We are a disrupter and push away from the norm. We take a stand and believe in our mission. We're passionate about our purpose and we're open in communication. To be progressive is to listen, and to act on what you hear.

We are Professional

We constantly portray reliability, consistency and honesty. We deliver outcomes to high standards and timescales and our people are accountable for their actions.

CoreValues - Professional & Progressive
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