On the Fast Track: Ahmed’s Journey from Autotech Academy Intern to Group 1 JLR Technician

On the Fast Track: Ahmed’s Journey from Autotech Academy Intern to Group 1 JLR Technician

This article was originally published on 11 April 2024

Watch our interview with Ahmed: Former Autotech Academy intern turned Group 1 Jaguar Land Rover technician


Youtube: https://youtu.be/7dKhDl_CUrg

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Automotive students, approaching the end of their studies, may be wondering what the road ahead looks like once they qualify. For many, the prospect of securing automotive employment may be daunting.


Autotech Academy was created to help smooth the transition between college and employment through a unique paid internship programme. Newly qualified vehicle technicians are placed with an automotive employer for 6 to 12 months and equipped with a toolbox - which is theirs to keep if they are offered a permanent position at the end of the internship.


Significantly, 90% of all interns who complete 6 months are offered a permanent role.


With hundreds of automotive students due to qualify this summer, Autotech Academy has launched a brand-new video to showcase an intern and his journey.


Offering an exclusive look into the daily life of Ahmed, a young intern who secured an internship with Jaguar Land Rover through Autotech Academy, the video includes his firsthand experiences and inner workings of the internship programme and his future goals.


The video also provides valuable insights from the employer's perspective, understanding what they seek in the next generation of automotive talent. This video is more than a peek behind the garage door; it's a roadmap for future success.


So, for all college students looking to steer their passion for automotive into a thriving career once they have qualified with a Level 3 automotive qualification, discover how the Autotech Academy internship could be the key to unlocking your potential by joining the Autotech Academy paid internship programme.  Sign up today

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