Why Automotive Contractors Are More Relaxed Than You Think

Why Automotive Contractors Are More Relaxed Than You Think

This article was originally published on 10 April 2024

Stress is a regular feature of working in the automotive sector, but it seems that specific roles provide respite from the intense pressure. Automotive contractors are notably among those who experience lower stress levels than their permanent counterparts.

Why Automotive Contractors Are More Relaxed Than You Think

In this post, to acknowledge Stress Awareness Month in April, we dispel the myth that contractor life is a recipe for anxiety and explore why automotive contractors might just be more relaxed than those in permanent roles and why flexibility is pivotal for cultivating positive well-being.

Survey says: The low-stress life of Autotech Recruit contractors

The automotive industry is fast-paced and demanding. Long hours, high workloads, and customer expectations are just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, the surprising consensus among automotive contractors is that their stress levels are markedly low — an impressive 92% of our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers reported that stress in their contract role was manageable. How do they manage to absorb the pressures without boiling over? The answer lies in the flexibility and autonomy of the contractor lifestyle, offering a path toward a good work-life balance.

Flexible work schedule

Contractors are the architects of their schedules. Instead of the rigid Monday to Friday working week, they have the freedom to tailor their schedule around personal commitments, hobbies, and health needs. They can simply commit to fewer or more assignments depending on their desired income or the season. This control over their workdays means that they can easily take the time off whenever they need it: whether it’s for going to a child’s school sports day, to looking after an elderly relative, or simply to relax. This gives them mental space to breathe and enjoy time off on their terms.

Workplace variety

Contractors usually operate across a range of garages and workshops, providing them with the opportunity to interact with different people and sidestep office politics. This leads to a less stressful work environment, where they can focus on their tasks instead of dealing with workplace challenges. Such an environment is invaluable for mental well-being; it alleviates the stress of being stuck in one place and offers a refreshing change of scenery.

Position of choice

Contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers have a say when it comes to their placements. From being able to negotiate their hourly rates to choosing which contracts to take on, they operate from a position of choice. This level of control fosters a sense of appreciation and ownership over their careers, serving as a powerful tool for enhancing overall well-being.

Financial security

There’s a misconception that automotive contractors might be concerned about their next placement, leading them to feelings of financial insecurity and stress. However, as demand and market rates for skilled vehicle technicians and MOT testers continue to rise, contracting emerges as a stable and lucrative alternative to full-time employment. Most contractors enjoy higher hourly rates compared to their permanent colleagues and are often better positioned to benefit from overtime. Moreover, teaming up with Autotech Recruit will offer an almost guaranteed flow of contracts. The fact that many contractors have remained with us for years is a testament to the financial security and viability of contracting as a career choice.

Autotech Recruit’s support

While autonomy may present a source of stress for certain contractors, vehicle technicians and MOT testers who collaborate with Autotech Recruit benefit from a support system that other agencies may lack. From striving to ensure a consistent flow of contracts to providing free training opportunities and readily available advice, our contractors are never truly alone. Our consultants stand ready to assist at every stage of the contracting journey, and our community of contractors is always available to share knowledge and advice, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Embrace contracting and stress less

In conclusion, despite the demanding nature of the automotive sector, contractors experience low levels of stress, as shown by a recent survey conducted by Autotech Recruit. Contractors can tailor their schedules, work in different locations, and have a say in their placements, giving them a sense of control over their careers. Additionally, the financial security and support from Autotech Recruit further contribute to their overall well-being. As we consider Stress Awareness Month, the experiences of our contractors demonstrate that freelancing in the automotive aftermarket can lead to improved well-being.


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