Autotech Academy interns share their experience of their paid internships and Autotech Training

Autotech Academy interns share their experience of their paid internships and Autotech Training

This article was originally published on 28 March 2024

Watch our interviews with our interns, Kasey and Hemang:





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The automotive skills shortage is an issue Autotech Group is helping to alleviate. The availability of “entry level jobs” is the first hurdle that many newly qualified vehicle technicians struggle to overcome, and this is a key contributor to the lack of new talent coming into the industry. To help combat this, our Autotech Academy division offers recently qualified Vehicle Technicians the opportunity to break into the industry via a paid internship which leads to a permanent role, where a passion can be turned into a fulfilling career.


Along with our sister brand, Autotech Training, we offer our interns and their employers discounted training to help nurture high-quality, well-trained staff for garages nationally. Recently, two of our interns from IN’n’OUT Autocentres complete three days of training at our Milton Keynes Training Suite. They shared their experiences of working as an Autotech Academy intern, their training courses with Autotech Training, and how they got into the industry.


One of our interns, Kasey Parker, recently returned to the industry via an Autotech Academy internship after being out of the sector for four years. ‘I missed working with cars, so I wanted to get back into the industry’, Kasey told us. After finding out about Autotech Academy’s internship initiative via Indeed, he got in contact with our Recruitment Consultant Harry, who helped him find a placement at a local IN’n’OUT branch. ‘I’ve been working there ever since and am loving every minute of it.’


Our other intern, Hemang Baguati, told us that he has always loved working with cars, and this was his main motivation for seeking an Autotech Academy Internship, ‘If I can do something I enjoy and get paid for it, then why not?’. Happiness and feeling good about what you do for work are the top factors in early career fulfilment for young people, as reported by the BBC in March 2024 ( It is great to see our interns experiencing this and developing their careers around their passions.


Both interns expressed their enjoyment of their internships so far and the support they have received from our team. Hemang appreciated the communication from Autotech Academy on the progression of his application and the support he has received since he started his placement. Kasey described it as ‘one of the best things I have done’.


Recently, Kasey and Hemang completed three days of training with us, both acquiring qualifications in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Level 2 and 3, and Automotive Refrigerant Handling. ‘I learnt a lot’ stated Kasey, ‘The trainers were really helpful’. Hemang compared it to other training he has previously experienced, stating that he often find’s training quite boring, however, his three days at Autotech Training were ‘fun and informative’.


Both Hemang and Kasey showed high levels of enthusiasm for their Autotech Academy internships and the industry, and, with over 200 interns placed with workshops all over the country in 2023 alone, there are promising outlooks for the future of the industry. Supported by the combined efforts of Autotech Academy and Autotech Training, the next generation of Vehicle Technicians is looking strong.


If you are an employer considering taking on intern, or you’re currently studying towards a Level 3 automotive qualification at college and think an internship might suit you, feel free to contact us today for more information or fill out the application form. (Autotech Academy interns have all completed their studies and qualified.)


Email us at, or give us a ring on 01234 240503.


Thank you, Kasey and Hemang, for your interviews - we wish you the very best in your internships and future careers in the automotive industry.

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