Demand for Temporary Vehicle Technicians on the Increase in Northern Ireland

Demand for Temporary Vehicle Technicians on the Increase in Northern Ireland

This article was originally published on 15 May 2019

Autotech Recruit temporary vehicle technician in an outline of a NI mapAutotech Recruit is pleased to announce that we are extending our reach into Northern Ireland as a result of a significant increase in demand from garages and workshops as the industry’s skills gap continues. 

As the automotive aftermarket’s specialist recruitment company, we reported an almost 80% increase in demand from garages and workshops across the UK for temporary vehicle technicians to cover shortfalls in labour, and are receiving increasing demand from Northern Ireland motor businesses.

Working with 80% of Motor Trader’s top 100 dealerships (a 50% growth in just 12 months), Autotech Recruit creates employment solutions, from training and apprenticeship provisions to customised programmes for national automotive companies looking to recruit multiple technicians across multiple sites, to overcome recruitment challenges within the industry.

Operating the largest network of temporary vehicle technicians in the motor industry, Autotech Recruit can quickly plug workforce gaps in garages, workshops, and dealerships. Now, following growing demand from Northern Ireland for contractors, we are widening our reach.

“Empty bays and servicing ramps could cost a garage around £3,000 a day in lost revenue,” Gavin White, MD of Autotech Recruit, explains. “Employing a temporary vehicle technician is a quick and cost-effective solution to ensure efficiency and productivity is maintained.”

Due to the rise in technically complex vehicles and the introduction of hybrid and electric cars, the skills gap amongst vehicle technicians is increasing. This is acutely felt amongst all garage owners who are finding it increasingly difficult to fill certain positions.

“The reality is, a shortage of skills has been prevalent within the automotive industry for some time, and we haven’t seen any improvement over the past year,” Gavin continues. “During economic uncertainty and the ongoing developments to vehicle technology, the skills gap is set to widen, and garages and workshops will feel greater pressure. Temporary vehicle technicians are expected to play a critical role in keeping these businesses running and make it possible for owners to hire the skilled and suitable technicians they need – with no financial risk attached.”

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