Problems With Newly Requested Smart Cards

Problems With Newly Requested Smart Cards

This article was originally published on 11 June 2015

Large numbers of MOT testers have recently had problems with their newly requested smart cards. As several of our contractors have also come across this issue, Autotech Recruit has been in contact with the DVSA to discuss this increasing problem.

A spokesman from the DVSA confirmed that a new batch of smart cards currently being submitted by ATOS are of a slightly different width to the old version. This means that once they are inserted into the card reader at the VTS, the card is not thick enough for the magnetic strip on the back to connect with the reader. To deal with this problem, some vehicle testing stations have been replacing their old card readers for new ones that do work with both the new and old card styles.  

However, due to the great demand, the new card readers as currently on backorder. Combined with the fact that the new COMP 2015 system is expected to be up and running but August 2015, the chances of actually receiving the new card reader are pretty small, as they will obviously soon become discontinued. Likewise, DVSA/ATOS are not keen to revert back to the old style cards, due to them being phased out.

When Autotech Recruit asked DVSA about a solution to this problem, they advised us that any MOT testers in our contractor community should simply look after their existing smart cards and try not to break them. We understand that it might be easier said than done, but please bear in mind that breaking your current smart card could hinder your work until the new system starts in August 2015. 

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