National Road Safety Week 2023: We All Have a Responsibility

National Road Safety Week 2023: We All Have a Responsibility

This article was originally published on 21 November 2023

Road Safety Week UK 2023 (19-25 November) is an important reminder of our responsibility to always prioritise safety while on the road. This is a value that Autotech Group firmly believes in, not only as individuals but also as a company. As a provider of vehicle repair and maintenance services, our commitment to road safety is reflected in every aspect of our operations.

30 miler per hour speed limit

We are continuously enhancing the technical capabilities of our Autotech Recruit contractor network and the wider aftermarket sector. With vehicle evolution happening at such a rapid pace, it is our duty to ensure that those responsible for vehicle repair and maintenance are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to keep our roads safe. This is why we invest heavily in training and development programs, to keep our team up-to-date with the latest advancements in the automotive industry.


Our Autotech Academy division is also focused on nurturing a new generation of skilled vehicle technicians who can help us maintain the safety and reliability of vehicles well into the future. We understand the importance of having a competent and highly skilled workforce, one that can keep pace with the continuous changes in the automotive industry.


At the heart of our commitment to road safety is our Group Commercial Director, Mark Armitage PGCert FIMI, who recently joined IAM RoadSmart as Board Trustee. This leading road safety charity is dedicated to improving driving and riding skills, as well as promoting road safety awareness to motorists. Through this partnership, we hope to contribute more significantly to the organisation's efforts to reduce road accidents and promote responsible driving.


As we celebrate National Road Safety Week, let us all remember our responsibility to prioritise safety every time we're on the road. Whether as individuals or as a company, we can all make a difference in ensuring that our roads are safe for everyone. At Autotech Group, we will continue to play our part, investing in the development of our workforce, and contributing to initiatives that promote road safety. Together, we can make our roads safer and more secure for everyone.

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