Contracting With Us Means Consistency of Work

Contracting With Us Means Consistency of Work

This article was originally published on 4 December 2018

A man wearing a blue outfit, pole-vaultingUnderstandably, making the leap from permanent employment to temporary can be daunting for many, particularly for those who are responsible for keeping a roof over their families’ heads, and some may be apprehensive about not knowing where the next position, and pay packet, will come from.

However, the automotive industry has for some time now suffered from a shortage of skills and garage owners across the country are becoming increasingly reliant on temporary cover. Whether this is from holiday or sick leave, or just a general shortage of skills, this demand is currently outstripping supply and there is a mounting requirement to boost the number of temporary vehicle technicians in the UK who are ready and willing to take on these roles.

Richard, a contract vehicle technician who has been working with Autotech Recruit for just over 20 months comments: “When I started, I didn’t realise the demand for good technicians at short notice.”

The life of a temporary vehicle technician is not, as many believe, a stint here and there in garages miles apart. Nowadays nothing is further from the truth. For those who want longer periods of employment in a garage or dealership close to home, the work is out there, as Rugby based vehicle technician, Tomasz, explains: “Contractors usually work at many different garages, but also return to the sites they have already been in, which for me is a big advantage of this job. Despite the fact that this kind of work seems temporary, it actually is not. For myself, contracting is a full-time job but under different conditions.”

“Working with Autotech Recruit, I always have a regular income when I want it. They always find a placement for me,” Richard adds.

For many temporary vehicle technicians, the freelance route has become a long-term career choice and they are frequently asked back to the same garages whilst increasing their skill level along the way. If you would like to find out more about the security of contracting with Autotech Recruit and other benefits of being a freelancer in the automotive aftermarket, please get in touch with us today on

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