Autotech Academy gifts automotive student Leah with Teng Tools kit after tyre competition win

Autotech Academy gifts automotive student Leah with Teng Tools kit after tyre competition win

This article was originally published on 14 July 2021

Autotech Academy has gifted an automotive student from Walsall College a Teng Tools toolkit, worth over £1,000, following a competition on tyre markings.

Leah, Walsall College student

Testament to the growing alliances Autotech Academy is forging with FE colleges across the UK, the team hosted a competition where five automotive students participated in a competition which saw them compile research on tyre markings, and the purpose of each mark.

Autotech Academy was established by Autotech Group to counteract the shortage of fresh talent entering the automotive industry. The initiative is already providing qualified college leavers with a gateway into the aftermarket through a paid internship.

While discussing the concept with Walsall College, the Autotech Academy team offered to host a competition and donate a prize in collaboration with one of its Academy partners, Teng Tools, during the college’s Virtual Work Experience Week for its automotive students.

Walsall College and Autotech Academy

Leah Rollason, a Level 3 automotive student, was named by Autotech Academy as the overall winner of the competition and presented with the toolkit.

Dave Walker, National Careers Manager at Autotech Academy commented: “We were very pleased to run this competition with the college. By doing something more knowledge-based rather than technical, the students demonstrated a different aspect of their training; something that will appeal to their future employers.”

“We encouraged the students to be succinct and creative, while making sure the information they presented stood out in some way. They all made excellent use of IT, with Leah’s work being particularly outstanding.”

Leah, 18, commented: “Having my own toolkit means I don’t have to keep borrowing my dad’s tools anymore. Now he might try and use some of mine! I’m happy I did so well in the competition as I put a lot of effort in. It was a chance to be in a workplace situation where I could prove I can research and communicate well.”

When something like this comes up for me again professionally in future, I know I’ll be ready for it.”

“We’re very grateful to Autotech Academy for their generous support and encouragement,” commented Jackie Bradnick, Work Experience Coordinator at Walsall College.

“Meaningful engagement with employers is critical to our students’ overall professional development. The wider industry exposure our automotive students have received, including their time with Autotech Academy, will positively impact them as they start their careers.”

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