3 Tips to Find a Temporary Automotive Job in the Run Up to Christmas

3 Tips to Find a Temporary Automotive Job in the Run Up to Christmas

This article was originally published on 27 November 2017

Autotech Recruit 3 Tips to Find a Temporary Automotive Job in the Run Up to ChristmasTaking on a temporary job in the run up to Christmas could enhance your career prospects, improve your work and life balance and increase your skills and knowledge.

The number of jobs available in November is higher than the year average, according to research by Executives Online. Whilst many of us are inclined to make it our new year’s resolution to search for a new job, this notion leads us directly to the benefits of temporary Christmas job opportunities.

Here’s how to land your dream temp job this festive season:

1) Perfect your CV

Brexit has created a level of uncertainty around its impact on EU workers this year, and it has been said that many will return back to Europe which could open the door to more jobs opening up in the UK across sectors. Whilst this has created more choice and options for temporary jobs, slack CVs will still fail to secure you a temporary role. In preparation for your job search, CVs should provide concrete evidence of technical automotive skills and experience and clearly demonstrate why you will excel in the role.

2) Be quick to apply

Admittedly there are fewer applicants for automotive technical jobs at this time of year but leaving it too late to apply is unlikely to work in your favour. As a jobseeker, you should be proactive and prepared to apply for temporary Christmas jobs as soon as they start appearing on job sites – and use the fact that there is less competition from candidates at this time of year to your advantage.

3) Sign up to a recruitment agency

It’s argued that, often, people are deterred from contracting jobs due to ambiguity around finding their next job. However, research has found that the number of freelancers in the UK has grown by 14% in the past decade, with 1.4 million freelancers currently working across all sectors.

Consequently, recruitment agencies who specialise in motor trade and technical automotive jobs, such as Autotech Recruit, are able to ease this lack of certainty. Speaking about the value of recruiters, CEO of Qdos Contractor Seb Maley said that recruitment agencies ‘are able to offer independent workers relevant opportunities consistently’ and ‘ play a vital role in how contractors find work’.

Our Managing Director, Gavin White, says:

“Finding a temporary job this Christmas doesn’t have to be arduous; the advantages that come with contract and temp roles, arguably, outweigh the drawbacks significantly. Temporary jobs are equally as valuable for workers in the motor trade industry as for those working in the retail, hospitality or warehouse industries – and this isn’t just limited to the Christmas period.

Thanks to its flexibility, contracting and freelance work is becoming an acutely sought after career choice – and might be perfect for you.”

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