ePayme FAQ

Together with ePayMe, a payroll solutions company, we answer your frequently asked questions regarding their services provided to our MOT tester and vehicle technician contractors.

• Does HMRC need to see a fuel expense receipt, even if it is the same one?
Please be aware that a receipt MUST be uploaded for every fuel expense submission, even if it is the same receipt because you are using the same ‘batch’ of fuel over a period longer than 1 week.

• Fuel expenses via the online portal
The rate for fuel expenses on ePayMe’s online portal currently stays showing at £0.45 per mile for the contractor even if they are over their 10,000 miles for the year. ePayMe are currently changing this on the portal but just making you aware in case any issues come up with contractors. Contractors do get an email alerting them that the rate will be dropping to £0.25 per mile but it may become an issue when they actually come to fill in their expenses online, thinking they still get paid £0.45 rather than the £0.25 they will actually be getting when the claim gets back to ePayMe.

• VISA/ Passport Control
When registering with us, a contractor that lives outside of the EU and working on a VISA – both their VISA and Passport needs to be in date for them to be legally working here. If their passport is out of date but their VISA is in date and they insisted they can still be working because of this- this is incorrect- both must be in date.

• P45
If a contractor hasn’t been paid via ePayMe within 3 months, a P45 will be issued to them. If you require a contractor to be re-registered just pass them to me, I will speak to them to get this complete.

• Faxes
We had problems with contractors not being able to get faxes through to ePayMe with their expense copies on Saturdays after 4pm. They have assured us their fax machine operates 24/7 unless they contractors trying to send it their landline number- the correct fax number is 01252 863701.

March 27th, 2015|