Vehicle Technician jobs in Sheffield

Permanent and temporary motor trade jobs in Sheffield.

Vehicle Technician jobs in Sheffield
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Sheffield AREA INFO

Sheffield is known as ‘The Steel City’ all over the world and was once famed for its industry. Today, the smoking chimney stacks have been replaced by a green, modern cityscape set against the stunning backdrop of the Peak District National Park. Sheffield is also home to a wide variety of garages, fast fits and dealerships seeking experienced vehicle technicians and MOT testers.
Whether you’re a skilled vehicle technician or MOT tester, maximise your potential by joining the freelance revolution. We keep workshops running up and down the UK and your skills are in-demand. You’ll have the freedom to work when you want – and that’s up to 51 weeks a year if you fancy – and you’ll be well rewarded. We find you the work, help you keep your training up-to-date and can offer you practical, useful advice on the best way to handle your tax and admin.



Garages think negatively of contract vehicle technicians?

It's another myth. One of the main things we hear from our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers when we ask about what they enjoy about working with us is that they aren’t sucked into the politics of every business they go to. Our clients appreciate the cover that our contractors provide their businesses and it is certainly one of the benefits of contracting.

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