How Is Technology Transforming Your Automotive Job Search?

How Is Technology Transforming Your Automotive Job Search?

This article was originally published on 27 February 2018

The way that job seekers are finding and applying for jobs is changing, and it’s largely down to the advancement of technology.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in job searches is allowing potential candidates to be more productive with their job searches and, as we welcome Industry 5.0 to the automotive sector, we can expect to see humans working alongside smart systems even more than they currently are.

Autotech Recruit Managing Director, Gavin White, comments: “From the involvement of AI in the recruitment process, to using social media to find your dream company, job seekers are no longer only using job ads in newspapers and word of mouth to find a new job.’

So, what does this mean for jobseekers in the automotive industry?

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that technology is transforming your job search:

  • Industry 5.0 is on the horizon

The integration of high-tech cyber-systems – commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 and the fourth industrial revolution – has enabled machines to communicate and connect with humans in order to solve problems and make informed decisions.

When the implementation of Industry 5.0 begins, we can expect humans and smart systems to work more closely than ever – allowing the job search process to speed up significantly. The combination of the human ability to understand various emotions and behaviours with the accuracy and intelligence of AI, means that finding a suitable candidate could happen within minutes.

  • AI in the workplace

AI algorithms have the ability to work much quicker than a recruiter can which not only reduces any risk of unconscious bias from the recruiter, but also means that the candidate’s experience is at the forefront of the process. It’s no wonder that many recruitment agencies and HR teams are starting to incorporate AI technology into their hiring processes!

Chatbots, such as Mya, are highly skilled when it comes to creating a smooth application process for the candidate. Mya is able to immediately review job applications to see whether a candidate meets the mandatory criteria, meaning you’re able to find out whether you’ve been accepted for the next interview stage within minutes.

  • Using social media to find new positions

Almost 70% of employers now use social media sites to screen job candidates before hiring them, so candidates looking for employment should also be using social media to draw attention to their best attributes.

Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow job seekers to demonstrate their enthusiasm towards the automotive industry. For example, engaging with key people in the industry on social media and sharing insightful industry news will portray them as desirable in their industry.

Gavin continues: “Remember, networking online is considered equally, if not more, valuable than networking at conferences and events. The benefits of social media go beyond showcasing yourself as a professional in the industry – consider using social platforms to find companies that are hiring and to find business that you’d like to work for in the future.”

“Just as employers look at prospective candidate’s social media activity, it’s equally as worthwhile for you to see what the business’ social media accounts are like too; this can reveal a lot about a company’s culture and values, so you’re able to see whether the company is a good match for you.”

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