Congratulations to Steve, our Star Contractor of the Month for February 2019!

Congratulations to Steve, our Star Contractor of the Month for February 2019!

This article was originally published on 20 March 2019

February 2019 star contractor of the month wearing an Autotech Recruit polo shirt
Congratulations to Steven who has been recognised as our ‘Star Contractor of the Month’ for February 2019! Reliable, friendly and professional are just a few qualities that can be used to describe this fantastic vehicle technician.

In the words of our consultants: “Steve is an absolute pleasure to work with, he gets his head down and he has really gone the extra mile to help us, even relocating from Glasgow to Reading for 3 weeks in January! He has made a fantastic impression at the garages he’s worked at. Never complains. Goes anywhere. Timesheet always perfect.

Before Steven started working as a contract vehicle technician with Autotech Recruit, he had been in his previous role for nearly 11 years, and, in his own words, a move to freelancing “was a big leap into the dark”. “I suppose I was concerned as to what the reality of contracting was going to be like; availability of work, workplace conditions, people, etc. Well, at this stage, I have to say that I am really enjoying it. I like the variety, meeting new people, and getting a sense that I am hopefully helping their businesses out in times where they need that extra bit of manpower,” comments Steven.

Steve, thank you for all your fantastic work and for being a great asset to Autotech Recruit!

We have recently asked Steven a few questions about his experience as a vehicle technician and his time with Autotech Recruit. Here’s what he told us…

What made you become a technician?

I suppose I was generally inquisitive from a very young age, and constantly taking things to pieces, trying to find out how they worked; fixing bikes, wiring up old telephones found in a skip! My granny was always telling me that I would ‘blow myself up’! I had a friend who was a year older and got me a start in the garage that he worked in when I was 16. 

What is your favourite make of car and why?

I think I put build quality, good honest engineering and reliability high up the pecking order when it comes to cars, especially for something that’s your daily driver, so for that reason, I would say I rate Toyota as ticking the boxes. I’ve owned 3 Celicas over the years. One had 180,000 miles on it and was still going strong when I sold it to buy a newer model.

What is the best car you have ever got to fix?

I recently had the opportunity to work on Infiniti’s QX70 5.0 V8.  That’s a long stretch into the back of the engine bay…

If you weren’t a technician, what would you be?

Probably something involving boats. Bosun on an old classic wooden yacht would be an interesting job.

What 3 words sum up your work with Autotech Recruit?

Variety, responsibility and flexibility.

What is your perfect Sunday?

No doubt about it… on my boat, waking up anchored in a quiet spot, get a fry up going, then off to do some sailing. Absolute bliss. Followed by Sunday roast and a good pudding!

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