Our Star Contractor of the Year 2018 Is…

Our Star Contractor of the Year 2018 Is…

This article was originally published on 21 December 2018

A star-shaped award presented to MatthewWe are delighted to announce that Autotech Recruit’s Star Contractor of the Year 2018 is Matthew Dann!

Matt has been working as a contract vehicle technician with Autotech Recruit for over a year, and during this time we have received nothing but positive feedback from clients and fellow work colleagues. Matt has proved to be a consummate professional, whilst being a superb ambassador for Autotech Recruit. His timekeeping, attendance and communication have been fantastic, so clients always request him back for future contract cover.

Matt was one of the first Autotech Recruit contractors to be trained under the Manufacturer Led Programme with Volvo and since his training at the start of the year, he has worked almost exclusively within Volvo garages, which demonstrates the success of the programme and the demand for highly skilled contractors like Matt.

Matt receives his award from Steve Kirk, Autotech Recruit's National Sales Manager

Steve Kirk, our National Sales Manager, surprised Matt with the delivery of the Award on one of his recent contract assignments in Orpington, Kent.

Star Contractor of the Year 2018 hamperOur 2018 Star Contractor of the Year receives an engraved trophy together with a £250 Red Letter voucher to spend on experiences of his choice, a Christmas hamper filled with goodies from Harrods and Autotech Recruit branded merchandise.

In reaction to his win, Matt told us that he was shocked but pleased at being chosen as our Star Contractor of the Year. I am sure that 2019 will carry on where 2018 has left off and I for one will hopefully be carrying on contracting with Autotech Recruit for the foreseeable future.

“Thanks to everyone that I deal with in the office as it is very much appreciated having a constant stream of work,” Matt added.

On behalf of everyone at Autotech Recruit, we would like to congratulate Matt on his outstanding performance in 2018 and wish him continued success in his work going into 2019!

Read on to discover more about Matt’s experience as a Volvo-trained temporary vehicle technician and the Manufacturer Led Programme…

A vehicle technician working on a Volvo carMatthew, from East Sussex, joined Autotech Recruit’s network of temporary vehicle technicians during 2017 after working as a roadside technician for 11 years. On looking for his next role, Matthew explained: “I enjoyed being out and about and not tied to one workshop.” After hearing about Autotech Recruit, Matthew joined the company as a temporary vehicle technician and quickly embarked upon our Manufacturer Led Programme with Volvo.

During his previous career, Matt worked on many different engines, however, the Volvo training was vital to ensure that he had a fundamental knowledge of Volvo engines and the technical components which are specific to the brand. As Matt explains: “Once you have that base level training you can quickly pick up on diagnosing particular problems, for instance, split turbo hoses, plus, elements of a Volvo engine don’t need to be removed to resolve an issue. Essentially you learn how to navigate around their engines efficiently to be as productive as possible.”

Since completing the Level 2 Volvo training in January, Matt has worked, give or take a couple of weeks, exclusively for Volvo. While this initial qualification allowed him to work on service and warranty repairs, more recently, Matt also completed a Level 3 training course, enabling him to carry out more in-depth diagnostic work. “All of the courses were organised through Autotech Recruit and this has enhanced my employability with Volvo.”

Significantly, apart from a couple of short-term positions which have taken him further afield across the UK, the majority of Matt’s placements with Volvo have been close to home, within a 30 to 40-mile radius. For Matt, who lives with his partner, teenage daughter, and greyhound dog this has provided him with a new career direction, without venturing too far afield: “I have spent a couple of months at a time in local Volvo garages, which has been great.”

Looking to the future, Matt is keen to take on training which will enable him to work on electric vehicles, particularly in light of Volvo’s announcement that by 2025 the premium carmaker is aiming for fully electric cars to make up to 50% of sales.

“Being a temporary vehicle technician has opened up new doors to me,” concludes Matt. “If the work with Volvo wound up, I know I could find other work through Autotech Recruit and embark upon alternative training with another leading car manufacturer through their Manufacturer Led Recruitment Programme.”

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