Autotech Training Rolls Out On-Site EV Training

Autotech Training Rolls Out On-Site EV Training

This article was originally published on 19 February 2020

The recent news that under a climate change drive the sale of petrol and diesel cars could be banned in 15 years should propel the automotive industry into addressing the serious need for vehicle technicians to be skilled in electric and hybrid vehicle servicing.

According to the IMI, who are actively lobbying Government to get the automotive industry’s workforce appropriately qualified, just 5% of UK vehicle technicians have been trained in electric vehicle servicing. Critically, these untrained technicians could be putting themselves at risk, due to the high voltage nature of electric cars.


In an industry that is already feeling the weight of a skills shortage, it now feels the added pressure to train an entire generation of vehicle technicians on how to service electric vehicles.


Now, in a bid to help the industry become conversant in electric and hybrid vehicles, Autotech Training, a division of employment and training solutions provider, Autotech Recruit, is rolling out its on-site Electric and Hybrid Vehicle training across the UK.


Over a two-day period, Autotech Training, together with industry acclaimed training specialists, will deliver a blend of IMI Level 2 and Level 3 courses directly to vehicle technicians in their place of work. Aided by the latest electric or hybrid vehicle, the training will encompass the individual requirements of each garage to ensure the level of training delivered directly meets their needs, and conclude with an online test to assess each technician’s knowledge.


“There is a severe shortage of appropriately trained and qualified technicians conversant with the special requirements of both hybrid and electric vehicles,” Stephen Kirk, managing director of Autotech Training explains. It’s only a matter of time before somebody, without the right knowledge, becomes injured working in HV areas without appropriate training. Therefore we, as an industry, have a duty of care to not only ensure the safety of vehicle technicians through proper training, but that garages are fully proficient to deal with the inevitable influx.”


Autotech Training’s on-site solution was created to meet the needs of garage owners who, while already feeling increased pressure due to high workloads and lack of skilled technicians, are largely unwilling to send their employees on training courses, for even a day, due to the loss of revenue through empty bays.


Working in partnership with industry-recognised training providers and awarding bodies including ZF Aftermarket Technical Training, ABC Awards, Bosch and the IMI, Autotech Training provides a range of automotive qualifications, to workshops and individuals in the UK's automotive aftermarket and government organisations. 

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