Interview With a Freelance MOT Tester

Interview With a Freelance MOT Tester

This article was originally published on 22 July 2016

Tomasz is a Freelance MOT Tester for Autotech RecruitToday we talk to Tomasz, based in the Midlands, who is one of our longest serving freelance MOT testers.

Here he tells us about his time working with Autotech Recruit, all the plus points of becoming a contractor and why you should consider completing your MOT tester training.

When did you join Autotech Recruit as a contractor MOT tester?

Initially, I had joined Autotech Recruit in September 2012. However, I had a nearly one-year delay due to health reasons. Autotech Recruit were very understanding about my situation. They said: “No problem, just let us know when you are fully recovered and fit to work”. When I was, I got back in touch and started to work almost immediately.

Why did you choose to work as a freelance MOT Tester?

For me it was a lifestyle decision. All MOT testers know how boring testing can sometimes get if you work month after month, year after year in the same place. Working as a contractor is completely different, it gives you more variety as you are not limited to just one company. Although contractors’ assignments are at many different garages, sometimes we do return to the sites that we have already been at, which for me is a big advantage of this job. Despite the fact that this kind of work seems temporary, it actually is not. For myself contracting is a full time job, just under different conditions.

What are the biggest benefits of being a contractor?

Working with Autotech Recruit brings many advantages and one of them is independence. Pay rates are very good and I am confident that very few employers can offer more than can be achieved annually with Autotech Recruit, despite working less. The company is always about the people, and I can say that Autotech Recruit is a team of professionals whose attitude is excellent. All customers and contractors are treated equally, professionally and with respect.

Have you ever looked back?

When I first started my career with Autotech Recruit I was obviously a bit apprehensive, but thought to myself “Let’s give it a go…”. Now, after all those years, I know that it was the right decision. During my time as a contractor, I’ve had many offers to work full time, but I refused them all. It’s definitely a move that’s been worthwhile and I don’t see myself doing anything else in the near future.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance MOT contractor, we would love to hear from you – please fill out the form and one of our consultants will be in touch:

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