Tips on How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Business

Tips on How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Business

This article was originally published on 15 May 2018

Tips how to find best candidateFor automotive businesses running lean operations, having an open position could cause a serious problem. That’s why it’s critical that employers have a strong hiring strategy in place to fuel the pipeline to enable them to select the most suitable, skilled and appropriate candidates quickly before the vacant role affects the business.

With most sectors forecasting their strongest outlooks in more than a decade for the first half of 2018, you should consider how to market roles effectively and begin to tailor each advertisement to appeal to highly skilled technicians and automotive professionals. Go above and beyond to provide potential candidates with a variety of career development opportunities, such as encouraging them to pursue new qualifications, including MOT tester training, and don’t forget the importance of creating a workplace that promotes a good work-life balance.

It’s normal to apply a ‘tick box’ approach when hiring for a new role. You’ll ask yourself: ‘does the applicant have enough experience?’, ‘do they have a good attitude?’ and ‘can I afford to hire them?’

Before asking the candidates these questions, ask yourself the following to ensure that your next job role attracts talented candidates:

  • What contract type is best for your business?

To make the hiring process as efficient as possible, be certain about the employment contract type that will suit your business best. This will stop you receiving applications from candidates who may only be able to work certain hours, or who prefer working on a full-time basis. There are multiple benefits to hiring new employees on a contract basis; if you need support on a short-term project or if you’re under pressure to hit large targets, it might be the answer for you. Hiring strategically in this way will help inject the business with the skill-set and personnel it quickly needs.

It might not be common knowledge that, within the industry, automotive companies offer candidates both permanent and contract roles so, as a business, you need to make this clear. If you feel a temporary worker is going to be better suited to your business, it’s best to explain this in the job advertisement and role description, prior to interviewing.

Once you’ve decided the contract type that will suit the role and your business, you can use a number of tactics to find the right candidate for the role, this includes posting your vacant role on job boards such as Indeed or Reed. It’s important to attract new candidates with strong skill-sets, positive attitudes, and good work ethics, as hours can be long in the automotive industry and, at times, demanding.

  • Could outsourcing be the answer?

If you’re finding that posting the job advertisement online isn’t drawing the talent you’d expect, then it could be time to look for external support. Recruitment professionals are available to help you hire the right people for your business, no matter how specialist the role. In fact, a survey has revealed that 84 percent of businesses who have received support from an external recruiter found the right candidate. Partnering with a recruitment agency that understands your business needs has a number of benefits, including giving you the time and headspace to keep operations running smoothly.

If you do decide to reach out to an external recruiter, it’s important to explain to them what skills are needed from the candidate and the role they will be filling, expectations in terms of working hours, salary and the perks of the job too.

With the use of recruitment agencies at an all time high, it seems more employers across a broad spectrum of industries are turning to recruiters to help fill vacancies, after all, they are the experts. Could this be the answer you were looking for when it comes to fulfilling your hiring pipeline goals?  

  • Do work perks attract candidates?

Remember that the hiring process is as much about the things you can offer a new employee as it is what they can offer your business.

Research has revealed that the average Brit spends a total of 12 years of their adult life at work, so it’s important for employees to be happy in their role as they’ll spend a considerable chunk of their life employed! Competitive salaries are no longer the only way to entice candidates to your business. By offering attractive perks with job roles, such as; a healthy work-life balance; regular rewards for results and the opportunity to learn, you’ll appeal to new recruits whilst creating a positive attitude to working. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that 53 percent of employees said that a job role that placed a focus on work-life balance and personal well being was of paramount importance to them.

Businesses who offer employees the chance to go on courses or receive training to help grow their skills set are also likely to see a boost in candidates applying for jobs; the prospect of progressing with the help of employers is a positive sign for potential candidates.

Here’s some top tips when hiring in the automotive sector:

  • Stay on task – whilst the recruitment process can take time, be efficient with your processes and define the role early on in order to find the right candidate. If you need to outsource the role to a specialist recruiter, don’t be afraid to do so!
  • Feedback – ask new recruits to share their thoughts on how you could improve your recruitment processes with future candidates.
  • Communication – maintaining communication throughout the hiring stage will show the candidate that you’re keen to hire, whilst generating a good relationship and learning more about their experience within the industry.

In an industry full of competitive businesses all wanting to grow, hiring professional and skilled candidates has never been more important. Deciding on role specifications, being consistent with branding to ensure candidates trust you and offering work benefits that are a cut above the rest are all ways to attract candidates. Allowing for candidates to give feedback once they have been through the interview process is an innovative and practical way to show that, you as a company, are open to constructive criticism and looking to be the best in your industry.

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