Cambridge Coachworks Owner Maintains Efficiency and Saves £££s By Enlisting Temporary Technicians

Cambridge Coachworks Owner Maintains Efficiency and Saves £££s By Enlisting Temporary Technicians

This article was originally published on 6 February 2018

Through the loss of manpower, as a consequence of summer holidays, training and sick days, an unmanned bay could set garage owners back by thousands of pounds and risk losing customers to competitors if they don’t arrange cover to keep their workshop running. This was the case with Krunel Patel, Managing Director of Cambridge Coachworks.

An independent garage specialising in servicing, diagnostics, tyres, brakes, exhausts and repairs to all makes of vehicles, Berkshire-based Cambridge Coachworks is a member of the AutoFirst Network.

With two of his permanent workforce due to attend training days during September, Krunel realised that he could face a potential loss of £2,000 per day without cover. “Initially, the thought of taking a temporary worker on was impracticable,” Krunel comments. “While I realised the financial loss I would make and also the fact that my customers would go elsewhere, the prospect of vetting candidates to work on such a short time scale was daunting.”

As a result, Krunel turned to Autotech Recruit, the UK’s only recruitment agency dedicated to placing MOT testers and vehicle technicians on a temporary, contract or permanent basis into the automotive industry. With a UK-wide network of skilled technicians at their fingertips, Autotech Recruit screen each individual candidate and ensure they are fully proficient in all areas of current regulations before placing them in temporary employment.

“The whole process from requesting support from Autotech Recruit to the arrival on site of the technicians was seamless,” Krunel explains. “Both technicians were not only a pleasure to have as part of the team, but worked extremely hard and helped immensely during a busy period.”

Following the initial cover in September, Krunel once again contacted Autotech Recruit in October to provide cover and keep the work flowing.

“Working with Autotech Recruit was very easy, they were flexible in meeting our exact needs, and provided reliable personnel quickly,” Krunel concludes. “I will certainly be working with them again should the need for cover arise. There is no need to turn customers away due to an unmanned bay and having the resource of a trustworthy agency takes the sting out of the recruitment process.”

Case Study Overview

The requirement

With two of their permanent technicians due to attend training days, Cambridge Coachworks was facing a significant financial loss without cover for the unmanned bays.

The solution

Autotech Recruit supplied vetted and reliable vehicle technicians to provide temporary cover at short notice.

The benefit

Hiring temporary technicians through Autotech Recruit kept the work flowing. The efficiency of the garage was maintained and no customer had to be turned away.

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