Autotech Recruit Launches Our Second Year of Ambassador Programme

Autotech Recruit Launches Our Second Year of Ambassador Programme

This article was originally published on 12 January 2024

In the first week of 2024, Autotech Recruit proudly inaugurated the second year of our Ambassador Programme. This initiative, born out of the company's commitment to our network of contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers, continues to set industry standards for fostering a strong sense of community and addressing the unique needs of our contractors.

Autotech Recruit's Ambassadors 2024

Autotech Group has experienced remarkable growth over the years, expanding its offering to include new divisions such as Training, Academy, and Connect. However, at its core, Autotech Recruit remains dedicated to supporting garages, workshops and the broader automotive aftermarket by providing skilled temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers on short- and long-term contracts.


A Voice for the Broader Community

Keen to bust the misconceptions around contracting and highlight the many benefits being a freelancer within the motor industry can yield, Autotech Recruit launched its Ambassador Programme back in January 2023. This unique initiative established a cohort of five contractors who served as a voice for the broader contractor community while promoting the life of a contractor.


James Mackay, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit, comments: “Our contractors are the lifeblood of Autotech Recruit, and integral to the ongoing success of the company. We are delighted that we can run this Ambassador Programme for them for a second, consecutive year, creating a place at the management table to represent this network.”


The decision to continue the Ambassador Programme highlights the success and positive impact of the initiative’s inaugural year. All contractors interested in the 2024 Ambassador Programme were encouraged to apply at the end of last year, as the company firmly believes in providing opportunities for everyone willing to contribute and shape the future of its contractor community.


While a voluntary role, each of the ambassadors receives a range of benefits throughout the year. Primarily, they are called upon to act on behalf of the contractor network and share messages of the company’s other brands – Autotech Training, Autotech Academy and Autotech Connect.


Reflecting on the Inaugural Ambassador Programme

The first cohort of ambassadors provided valuable insights and demonstrated enthusiasm for the role, with an appreciation for the opportunity to amplify the voice of the Autotech Recruit contractor network and engage with prospective new contractors.


James continues: “We are incredibly grateful to the outgoing ambassadors and extend a heartfelt thank you for their dedication. We acknowledge their invaluable contributions and, as we embark upon our second year, we are committed to enhancing communication, addressing concerns, and fostering an even greater sense of community across our network.”


Introducing the 2024 Ambassadors

The five ambassadors taking the initiative into its second year are delighted to be playing a vital role in strengthening the sense of community amongst Autotech Recruit’s contractor network.


Roberto and Kyle, from the 2023 ambassador cohort, successfully applied to join the programme again in 2024. Joining them, and completing the 2024 ambassador line-up are Dave, Andrew and Kam.


Kyle comments: “I am proud to be part of Autotech Group, I have always been looked after and know I am respected and valued, I enjoy my work and get to talk to lots of new people and have made many friends. I have previously been an ambassador and loved the role. I enjoyed helping potential contractors and providing feedback and information when needed. I am keen to show people that this is a viable and enjoyable way to work in the motor trade as a career rather than just a job.”


Contractor Kam, comments: “I applied to become an ambassador as I would like to help others on their contracting journey, whether they are new to the process or if they are a veteran like me, and also thank Autotech Recruit for all the great things they have done to support my career.  I believe that, as Autotech Recruit contractors, we are one big team and together everyone achieves more.”


For Dave, a desire to help more young people enter the motor trade was the driving force behind applying to become an ambassador, he comments: “I have been working with Autotech Recruit for over eight years and have undertaken Manufacturer Led training for two brands. What I see time and again is the skills shortage and the motor trade urgently needs more young people to get involved.”


Andrew’s decision to apply was rooted in an ambition to support fellow vehicle technicians: “I want to promote Autotech Recruit to a wider audience and assist the contractor network in any way I can.”


“We are delighted to welcome all of our 2024 ambassadors,” James Mackay concludes. They all embody the spirit of the network, embracing everything contracting has to offer. We are excited to see what this year will bring.”

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