We’re proud to announce the launch of our Ambassador Programme

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Ambassador Programme

This article was originally published on 8 February 2023

Autotech Recruit has launched an Ambassador Programme to represent its network of 450 vehicle technicians and MOT testers, champion the values of the company’s brands, and promote a career within the automotive industry.

Meet our Autotech Recruit Ambassadors for 2023 - from left to right there is Robert, Steven, John, Kay and Kyle
Autotech Recruit Ambassadors for 2023, pictured from left to right: Roberto, Steven, John, Kay, and Kyle

While creating a greater platform for this network, which is the largest of its kind in the UK, the move is demonstrative of the value Autotech Recruit places on this network, recognising the loyalty and professionalism of each of the contractors within it.


Every year, contractors, who have worked with the company for at least two years, will have the chance to apply to join the Ambassador Programme, and Autotech Recruit will select five ambassadors each year. Rotating the Ambassadors not only provides an opportunity for all contractors to get involved, but also ensures that the network remains agile, and the plans and ideas brought to the table remain fresh.


While acting as a ‘face’ for the network, the Ambassadors will also form a Contractor Council, representing the entire contractor community. “Our contractors are the lifeblood of the company,” comments Simon King, Managing Director of Autotech Group. “Every day they are the face of our business, covering resource gaps within the industry while representing our brand values. They are integral to the success of Autotech Recruit and through our Ambassador Programme we are creating a place at the management table to represent this network.”


While a voluntary role, each of the Ambassadors will receive a range of benefits throughout the year. Primarily, they will be called upon to act on behalf of the contractor network, and share messages of the company’s other brands – Autotech Training and Autotech Academy. But the Ambassadors will also have another vital role to play.


“When we launched Autotech Recruit, our contractors were covering short-term placements, including sick and holiday leave. Today, many are on long-term placements which is indicative of the effect the skills shortage is having on the industry. The talent pool has massively depleted over the years and the ripples of this are being felt across the whole sector,” Simon continues.


“Our business ethos, when recruiting new contractors to join our network, is that we will not accept applications from people working for our existing clients. We know that there is a cohort of vehicle technicians who, attracted by the promise of higher pay and benefits from other sectors, are no longer working within the automotive industry. It’s these people we need to bring back and our Autotech Recruit Ambassadors are the ideal candidates to spread the word.”


Introducing the 2023 Ambassadors: Roberto, Kyle, John, Steven, and Kay


Following a huge response to the Ambassador Programme when it was launched at the end of last year, Autotech Recruit has named its first five Ambassadors. While geographically placed across the country, each Ambassador embodies the spirit of the network, embracing everything contracting has to offer.




Roberto Di Cioccio has contracted with Autotech Recruit since 2018 after being made redundant and he enjoys the flexibility that being a contractor offers: I became a contractor because it enables me to work on other projects too. I divide my time between contracting and my other seasonal business which my wife and I run throughout the summer. After being made redundant I wanted to take on a role which, after 30 years of being in the industry, would allow me to take greater control of my working life, one which fits around me, my family, and my hobbies rather than the other way around. Joining Autotech Recruit is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I am delighted to now join the Ambassador Programme.”




A perfect example of someone considering leaving the automotive industry to join another sector, Kyle Rollins was about to embark upon a new career as a lorry driver when he saw an advertisement for Autotech Recruit: “After seeing the advert, I thought I would give the industry one last try before leaving. That was in 2015 and I haven’t looked back. I did venture back into permanent employment once, a six month stint with a dealer group, but I soon returned to Autotech Recruit.


I have a far better work-life balance and being a contractor affords me great flexibility. Also, while I’m not employed, Autotech Recruit has looked after me better than any other employer. They fully supported me after a motorcycle accident, particularly my well-being, and I would say 90% of all the training I have received throughout my career has been through Autotech Recruit, and the pay is excellent. I am delighted to have been selected as an ambassador.”




Close to retirement age, John Salmon took the plunge and become a contractor after 25 years of running his own MOT centre: After selling my garage, I found it difficult to settle in one place, so contracting has been the perfect solution for me. Since joining Autotech Recruit six years ago, I have worked continuously.  I applied to be an ambassador because I know that there are so few people staying in the motor trade today, and, as someone in their sixties, I am hoping that I could point people in the direction of contracting if they are thinking of leaving the sector.”




For Steve Britton, flexibility, and the ability to earn more were the key drivers to becoming a contractor. In fact, since joining Autotech Recruit in 2014, Steve has continually worked apart from a small break to pursue a passion training bikers: “The flexibility of being a contractor is a massive bonus. I joined Autotech Recruit after a bike accident, as the ability to be more selective in my hours and the tasks I carried out enabled me to make a full recovery while still working.


"It's a privilege to have been selected as an Autotech Recruit ambassador. I hope to help encourage free speaking across the contractor network in a bid to provide constructive feedback to the management team which will help them further shape the business.”




For Kay McNeil, striking the right work-life balance has been vital to becoming a contractor: “I feel that I have greater freedom to spend time with family and friends, I am definitely more in control of my time. When I first joined Autotech Recruit, I was slightly uneasy about the amount of work I would receive as a contractor, however, I shouldn’t have been concerned as within a week or two I realised that there was more than enough work around. I believe that, as an ambassador, I will also be a role model for other transgender people within the automotive industry.”


If you would like to learn more about our Autotech Recruit Ambassador Programme, click here.

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