5 Reasons Why to Become a Contract Vehicle Technician

5 Reasons Why to Become a Contract Vehicle Technician

This article was originally published on 21 September 2020

The use of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers is growing rapidly in the automotive aftermarket. If you've ever thought about becoming a freelance vehicle contract now's a good time - and here's 5 reasons why.

5 reasons to become a freelance vehicle technician

Temporary vehicle technicians are becoming increasingly important to automotive businesses, especially as they recover from the effects of COVID-19. Employing freelance vehicle technicians or freelance MOT testers on a short-term basis can be advantageous to both employer and contractor. It creates work opportunities when the future outlook is unclear. And it provides people with a chance to get back into work and earn money quickly.


Covid-19 has demanded that all organisations rethink their businesses to become more efficient. Reliance on the so-called 'gig' economy is rising. Between the first quarter of 2020, before lockdown, and May to July this reliance had grown by over a quarter (26%.)


But, what are the 5 key benefits of becoming a freelance vehicle technician?

Higher Earning Potential

As a freelance vehicle technician, you can look to earn anything from 25% up to 100% more per hour than you would doing the same job as a permanent employee. Although you will need to compensate for un-paid holidays and taxes, becoming a temporary vehicle technician can be lucrative, and the work is out there.


Be Your Own Boss

Autotech Recruit provides you with all the support needed to set yourself up as a freelance vehicle technician. However, ultimately, you are your own boss. You can decide when you work, how much you work, and how far from home you work. Also, the opportunity to upskill and re-train are in your hands and not an employer's.


Greater Flexibility

The availability of both short and long-term work for a temporary vehicle technician is extensive. You can be flexible with your time as a freelance vehicle technician. Our contractors frequently highlight their better work/life balance when becoming a temporary contractor.


Excellent Training Opportunities

Autotech Recruit has a dedicated training division. As a freelance vehicle technician, you can take control of your career, choosing which areas you want to upskill in. Autotech Recruit offers contractors discounted training and free online courses through Our Virtual Academy. Greater skills around EV and Hybrid vehicles are becoming very important. As a result, Autotech Recruit has committed to making ALL contractors fully conversant in these vehicles by the end of 2020.


Greater Experience

Working as a temporary vehicle technician across multiple sites and business will hone your experience. This experience, coupled with ongoing training, will increase your earning potential. Autotech Recruit offers a unique Manufacturer Led Recruitment Programme. Freelance vehicle technicians under MLP combine all the benefits of freelance work, with the latest manufacturer training. Autotech Recruit works with a wide range of manufacturers including BMW, Volvo, Ford, VW, and Seat.


Still not sure about committing yourself to becoming a contractor? Register your interest with Autotech Recruit and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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