A few of our contractors asked when you can expect to work again…

A few of our contractors asked when you can expect to work again…

This article was originally published on 16 April 2020

You asked when you can expect to work again - we aswered

In our recent contractor survey, we asked our vehicle technicians and MOT testers to share any comments or questions you might have for Autotech Recruit regarding the current situation. As we are now in the fourth week of lockdown, it didn't surprise us that one of the most repeated questions was about going back to work. You asked, we answered to the best of our knowledge.

This week, we have so few contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers out working that we can count them on fingers of two hands. To put things into perspective, in normal circumstances this number would be close to 250 per week.


The reality is, that despite the fact that garages are deemed essential businesses and are allowed to remain open, only around half of them are still operating and applying challenging measures to keep their staff and clients as safe as possible. These workshops are being run by skeleton staff and we haven’t yet had a client who has needed ‘extra’ staff during this crisis.


At the moment no one can be certain about how long this situation is going to last but rest assured, we are in contact with our clients and many of them are already planning for the future work peak. We have received some large bookings for the end of May and June onwards which is reassuring. We can only hope that things will be back to normal, or a version of normal, as soon as it is deemed safe. For now, like everyone else in the UK, we have to remain positive and continue to follow the government guidelines.


The Autotech Recruit team are working hard laying the groundwork for a bigger and better future for all of us. In the coming weeks, we will continue to approach clients to generate more work. If we judge it by the situation in some countries which have already eased their lockdown rules, we anticipate demand for our services going through the roof.


So, please bear with us, we are doing everything in our power to get us moving in the right direction again.


If you still haven't taken part in our survey but would like to do so now, please follow the link below.

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