What is holding you back from becoming a contract vehicle technician?

What is holding you back from becoming a contract vehicle technician?

Despite knowing the many benefits of being their own boss, most of our temporary vehicle technicians would agree that before they made the decision to dive into contracting, they had some concerns. If you ask them now, they will say that the only regret they have is that they didn't take the plunge earlier. So let’s take a look at four common myths vs. the reality of freelancing in the motor trade.

What is holding you back from becoming-contract vehicle technician?

Is it a concern over work security? No need.

Our services are in high demand as contract staff has become an essential part of every workshop. Although we would shy away from saying that we can guarantee work 365 days a year (you know, sometimes things like a pandemic happen), you can be confident that we can offer our contractors a continuous flow of work. In fact, if we could clone all of them at least once, we would still be able to keep them very busy.

If you do fancy exploring contracting for a while, the risk is very minimal. You can trial it for a couple of weeks, either during your annual leave or between jobs, and if you decide that it is not for you, then we will help you find a permanent role (yes, we offer those, too!).

Are you worried you might be asked to travel long distances? You shouldn't.

We will never press you to travel to places that you don't want to. As a contractor, you have the flexibility to choose to travel for work as far or as close as you want. Occasionally, we might offer you a contract that is a bit further afield (in which case we will increase your hourly rate to compensate), but one of the benefits of freelancing is that you can always say 'no' and that's absolutely fine with us.

Are you concerned your income might be unpredictable? It's very unlikely.

Earning a freelance income is a fantastic way to make a living, especially since you are likely to be paid much more than a permanent role. Most of our contracts last between one and six months and are booked in advance for maximum stability and a chance to plan ahead. Our contractors earn £17-£24 per hour, and we guarantee them at least 8 hours of work per day and weekly pay. On top of that, we offer free training and discounted insurance. Bearing all of this in mind, saving some of your contractor income each month either towards your future mortgage deposit or to help you deal with unexpected life events, shouldn't be an issue.

Are you not ready to be your own boss? We'll help.

Have you always dreamt about becoming your own boss but never felt ready to take the plunge? One of the benefits of working as a contractor with Autotech Recruit is that you are never on your own. You work for yourself but with the support of our friendly and dedicated office team who are here to make sure you make the most of your skills. Our current contractors will vouch for that. And what's more - they are a helpful bunch and always happy to talk you through the ins and outs of freelancing in the motor trade.

We hope you find the above reassuring. Of course, we understand that making the decision about becoming a freelancer can be a daunting one so please let us know if you need more convincing. Or maybe you do feel ready, but can never find time to pick up the phone and call us?! Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear from you!

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