We Now Offer Free MOT Tester Training

We Now Offer Free MOT Tester Training

This article was originally published on 2 November 2020

Free MOT Tester Training with Autotech Recruit

At Autotech Recruit we believe in investing in our contractors. That’s why we offer FREE MOT Tester training to qualifying technicians.


The higher skilled the contractor, the more in demand they are. So, Tester/Techs earn a premium rate with us. As ever we have more work than our network of UK contractors can meet so we are always looking for experienced technicians, especially those who are hungry to develop their knowledge, to join the team.

How does it work?

To qualify you must be a level 3 vehicle technician or have at least 4 years of proven experience and you must work for us as a contractor for a qualifying period (13 full weeks).


If you meet these criteria, then Autotech Recruit will organise and pay for the 4-day MOT Tester training course and then provide you with well-paid testing contract work after you have passed.


Lapsed MOT tester? No problem.

If you have previously qualified as an MOT tester but lapsed, we can help. If you lapsed over 5 years ago, we will send you on an MOT tester course free of charge once you have completed your qualifying period as a contractor with us. If you lapsed less than 5 years ago then we can organise a refresher course and a DVSA demo test once you have completed the qualifying period.


What’s the catch?

There’s no catch BUT we will only invest in contractors that have proven they meet our high standards and expectations during a 13-week qualifying period. Read our full terms and conditions.


What happens if you qualify as an MOT tester and then no longer want to work as a contractor?

We understand that contracting doesn’t suit everyone, but hopefully, after completing the 13-week qualifying period you will have known if the contracting life is for you! If you did decide to leave after qualifying, then a proportion of the training costs would be repayable to Autotech Recruit.


What are the other benefits of being an Autotech Recruit contractor?
  • Better pay, our top contractors are earning up to £45,000 a year
  • More flexibility to spend time with your family or doing things you love
  • Greater appreciation, your skills are in demand and you’ll feel wanted in the workshop
  • No more ‘same old, same old’, you’ve had the same routine for too long and you’re ready for a change
  • Add experience by working in different environments on different brands
  • Upskill, you will improve your employability by having access to free training
  • Want to know more? Download our guide to becoming a contractor.
To register for our free MOT tester training, please click here.
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