Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day: Switch to Contracting With Autotech Recruit

Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day: Switch to Contracting With Autotech Recruit

This article was originally published on 14 February 2023

This Valentine's Day, why not give yourself a gift of self-appreciation by switching to contracting? Freelancing is not for everyone, but once you take the leap you are likely to say in hindsight you should have done it years ago.

I love my career with Autotech Recruit

Earning better money, flexibility, free training, and no workplace politics are just some of the perks of contracting, but it is still difficult to convince vehicle technicians and MOT testers that it is the best option when it comes to maximising your potential in the automotive aftermarket. Let’s take a look at why freelancing could be the right move for you.


Better Money

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a contract vehicle technician or MOT tester is being able to maximise your income. At Autotech Recruit, our contractors are currently paid up to £24 per hour and we guarantee them at least 8 hours of work per day and weekly pay. But it is up to you how many days you want to work each week or month. We also allow you to choose the way you operate as a contractor to maximise how much of your salary you keep in your pocket. You can be paid via your own limited company, as a sole trader or an umbrella company. As a contractor, you will be earning much more than if permanently employed — the sky's the limit when it comes to earning potential!



As a freelance vehicle technician/MOT tester, you have total control over when and where you work. You won't have to worry about being stuck in one garage all year round; instead, you'll be able to create your own schedule and take on contract assignments that suit you. This makes freelancing in the automotive industry an excellent choice for those who value flexibility and freedom over the stability of permanent employment.


Free Training

Autotech Recruit contractors receive access to free or discounted training opportunities that permanent employees may not always get access to. For example, our temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers are offered free IMI electric/hybrid vehicle training sessions and have access to free manufacturer training — a perk that will come in handy down the line. Plus, due to the nature of contracting, you will be exposed to many experiences working for different types of clients, which can help you develop valuable technical skills and other qualities that will make you stand out from the competition in today’s job market.


No Workplace Politics

Even if you love your job as a vehicle technician or MOT tester, chances are there are still some workplace politics going on behind closed doors (or even out in plain sight!). As a freelance vehicle mechanic or MOT tester working in multiple locations, these types of issues become far less prominent — if not nonexistent altogether. By cutting out this source of stress from your life entirely, you'll be able to focus more on what matters most — your job performance and passion for cars.


If you're thinking about switching from permanent employment to freelancing as a vehicle technician or MOT tester this Valentine's Day then now might just be a perfect time! With better money potential through added flexibility and free training opportunities available to Autotech Recruit contractors — not to mention no workplace politics — it really does seem like making the switch could be worth considering this year if it is something that interests you. So why not take some time today and research how transitioning into contracting could help boost both your career prospects and financial future? After all what better way is there than treating yourself with something special this Valentine’s Day?

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