Temporary Work Allows You to ‘Try Before You Commit’

Temporary Work Allows You to ‘Try Before You Commit’

This article was originally published on 25 June 2021

The need for vehicle technicians and MOT testers continues to increase, which in turn means an array of permanent and temporary work opportunities to choose from. Here are three real-life experiences of our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers showing you what could happen if you take an opportunity to 'try before you commit' to a career path.

Temporary work allows you to try before you commit

Because, at the moment, we are very much in a candidate-driven market, you can (and should) give your options some serious thought to maximise your potential.

Taking on a role of a temporary vehicle technician or MOT tester, allows you to make a safe and well-informed choice about the next stage of your career.

Temporary work is a great way to try out a role in a new garage or workshop without having to commit to a permanent position.

Here are three real-life scenarios of what could happen if you “try before you commit” by contracting with Autotech Recruit for a few weeks.


After moving to Birmingham back in early 2021, James started working as a contract vehicle technician with Autotech Recruit in March. Over a space of three months, he took on short-term contracts covering for unfilled permanent positions at five independent garages and dealer workshops in and around Birmingham. He really hit it off at one of them - he liked the friendly culture and modern work environment. The service manager recognised James' professionalism and offered him a permanent role, which he decided to take from July 2021 knowing he's found exactly the kind of employer he was looking for.


When Mohammed joined Autotech Recruit as a contract vehicle technician/MOT tester in February 2017 it was only meant to be a temporary arrangement to give him more flexibility and a higher income whilst he was looking after his young family. Four years on and Mohammed is still loving the life of a contractor so much so that he can't see himself going back to a permanent job. He quotes the lack of involvement in garage politics, free training, and increased salary as the biggest perks of contracting. Mohammed says that switching to contracting was his best decision ever!


Nathan was one of our longest-serving contractors and had a successful career as a temporary MOT tester/tech with Autotech Recruit for nearly 10 years. Because of his professionalism and can-do attitude, he was very sought after by our clients. This year Nathan completed his level 3 electric/hybrid vehicle training with us and his skills made him even more attractive as an employee. One of our clients that he had previously worked at on a contract basis approached us to ask Nathan if he would consider a permanent role with them. They offered Nathan a very generous salary and benefits package, and he decided to take on full-time employment with them after years of freelancing.

These are all real-life experiences of our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers.

We hope this demonstrates that whatever your career patch is going to be after taking on contracting with Autotech Recruit, the possibilities are endless and you will be in safe hands!

If you would like to discuss your options further with one of our consultants, please get in touch on 01234 240503 or email hello@autotechrecruit.co.uk.

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