Temporary vehicle technicians bridge the skills gap for dealerships

Temporary vehicle technicians bridge the skills gap for dealerships

This article was originally published on 27 October 2020

Manufacturer trained temporary vehicle technicians bridge the skills gap for dealerships

Our Manufacturer Led Programme (MLP) is helping car manufacturers overcome losses through the skills shortage. As a result, temporary technicians are saving UK dealerships millions of British pounds in potential lost revenue.

Autotech Recruit launched MLP in 2018. It was created to help car manufacturers tap into our network of 450+ skilled, temporary vehicle technicians and bridge the skills gap for dealerships.


Major MLP partnerships formed

Autotech Recruit has formed MLP partnerships with seven major manufacturers, including Ford, Skoda, Toyota, and BMW. So far, 120 of our temporary vehicle technicians have completed manufacturer-specific training and filled over 95,000 hours within franchise dealer networks across the UK.


Moreover, Autotech Recruit’s non-MLP temporary vehicle technicians filled a further 65,000 hours last year. These figures truly demonstrate the growing reliance automotive businesses have on short term contractors.


Millions in revenue generated

There are many benefits of MLP. Most importantly, it improves dealerships' capacity and helps to quickly overcome issues surrounding the skills shortage. It's proven to have helped the automotive industry accrue millions through additional servicing and upselling. One major dealer puts the figure close to £11 million in extra revenue generated.


“The skills shortage is affecting the entire industry,” explains Simon King, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit. “Dealership workshops are no different from independent garages in this respect. They still need to recruit vehicle technicians to ensure they are running at optimum capacity.”


The recruitment process for franchise dealerships needing to fill permanent vacancies is lengthy and complex, particularly if they are dealing with multiple sites. Thanks to MLP they now have access to contract vehicle technicians who are trained to the specific brand standards at the manufacturer’s dedicated training facilities and can be relied upon to temporarily fill the skills gap or help during business peaks, whilst maintaining the brand's professional requirements.


Our MLP-trained contractors are located strategically around the country, which means we can respond quickly to any staff shortages which arise within a dealer network anywhere in the UK.


Equally important, Autotech Recruit customises our unique, online booking portal to suit each client, providing dealers with total, real-time visibility of bookings across multiple sites and enabling them to quickly book temporary vehicle technicians.


Keeping skills within the industry

"It is vital that skilled vehicle technicians are not lost to other industries,” Simon King concludes. “We invest heavily in our contractors to ensure they are trained to the highest level through programmes such as MLP. This helps us provide the best solution to our clients. And also ensures the industry can meet growing demand efficiently and also safeguards the career of vehicle technicians.”

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