Meet Joseph, Our Star Contractor of the Month for November

Meet Joseph, Our Star Contractor of the Month for November

This article was originally published on 7 December 2020

We are delighted to announce that our Star Contractor of the Month for November is Joseph (pictured below with two other Autotech Recruit contract vehicle technicians, Martin and Craig).

Joseph, our Star Contractor of the Month - November 2020 with Martin and Craig

Joseph has been with us since the beginning of 2019 and in this relatively short space of time, he has passed both BMW and Volvo training through our Manufacturer Led Programme, and gained a great reputation with our clients.


Joseph works extremely hard and is not scared of a lengthy commute - he has been travelling 100 miles every day for the past month to work at a site in Cannock, Staffordshire.


A true ambassador of our brand, Joseph is very popular with clients who rebook him on consecutive assignments. He is also a very helpful colleague, always happy to talk to our new contractors and explain the nature of contracting with Autotech Recruit.


Congratulations from all of us, Joseph, and thank you for being a true ambassador for Autotech Recruit. We’re very glad to have you in Autotech Recruit's contractor network. Your £100 worth of Autotech Training vouchers redeemable against any of our courses and a certificate of recognition are in the post!


We got in touch with Joseph to share the good news with him and to find out some interesting facts about his life as a vehicle technician...


What made you become a technician?


Joseph: I’ve always had an interest in how things work and was always taking stuff apart when a kid so I guess when I fell into a job at a Ford dealer in the 80s it ended up been a progression till I wanted to get my hands dirty. I enjoy cars but truthfully I enjoy taking apart anything and repairing it.


What is your favourite make of car and why?


Joseph: I started with Ford and I guess will always have a soft spot for them but lately, I’ve really enjoyed working on Volvo and everyone says I talk about them too much. Owned a couple over the years and can’t beat an old 240 tank to drive, can you? Guess I don’t really have a favourite 🙂


What is the best car you have ever got to fix?


Joseph: Don’t think there is a best, I’ve worked on so many different cars from old prewar Austin 7s to Ferrari but if I had to choose a best I’d struggle to remember them. The first independent garage I worked at had a tag line of “we fix anything from a Mini to a Rolls” and I guess nothing ever seemed better, just different. 


If you weren’t a technician, what would you be?


Joseph: I think it would be woodwork related, probably making things that people hopefully need or want. But in general, I do try and spend some spare time playing in the garage making odd bits of furniture or crafty items.


What 3 words sum up your work with Autotech Recruit?


Joseph: Enjoyable, profitable, professional.


What is your perfect Sunday?


Joseph: Spending time with my family doing something fun... be it playing with my son, fixing my girlfriend’s Land Rover or when it’s allowed going out visiting places and people we know. Roll on 2021 and some life. 


Could you, like Joseph, be an Autotech Recruit vehicle technician or MOT tester? Complete the form and we will get in touch to discuss how you could join our network of contractors.

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