And Our Star Contractor of the Month for March is…

And Our Star Contractor of the Month for March is…

This article was originally published on 10 April 2020

Sometimes in life, things happen that make you sit back, reset and take stock of what’s important and what really matters.

Autotech Recruit Star Contractors of the Month - March 2020

The massive response from the public in recent weeks has been something to behold. It has shown the triumph of community and working together over individualism and as we are currently in periods of quarantine and self-isolation – as nations, communities, and individuals, it has taken a virus to show us that only together are we at our strongest.


Whilst business is ultimately about making profit, in times like this it becomes even more obvious that profit, margins and bottom lines do not matter as much as our people.


We have been overwhelmed by our contractors' patience, composure and also by all your kind words and messages. Some of you are continuing to work through the pandemic ensuring that all vehicles on our roads remain safe to use, but most of you are forced to just bravely wait for the storm to pass.


We have always been so very grateful for our network of vehicle technicians and MOT testers, but now even more than ever, we feel you deserve the biggest thank you.


There was nothing else we could have done but to name each and every one of you as our Star Contractors of the Month!


You are all valued by Autotech Recruit, higher than you could ever imagine and we hope you realise that!


We can promise you that we will be back, stronger and busier than ever, keeping not just workshops, but the nation running.


It is our tradition to ask each winner of our monthly Star Contractor accolade a few questions and this time is no different! If you would like to let us know a bit more about yourself, please click on the button below - we would love to hear from you and find out what made you become a technician.

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