Don’t Leave Your Annual MOT Training & Assessment to the Last Minute

Don’t Leave Your Annual MOT Training & Assessment to the Last Minute

This article was originally published on 12 February 2021

Thousands of MOT testers have faced suspension in the past for failing to complete their annual training and assessment. With just over two months to go until the extended deadline is reached, MOT testers need to ensure that they complete the assessment ahead of time.

Annual MOT training and assessment 2020-2021

As a result of the impact of Covid-19, the closing date for completing MOT Annual Training was rolled back by the DVSA from 31 March to 30 April 2021. With the additional time, we currently have due to lockdown 3.0, it would make sense to get the training and assessment completed well ahead of the deadline, rather than leaving it to the last minute - especially as this year’s assessment is set to be even more difficult with the pass rate increased to 80%.

MOT testers need to ensure that they complete their training as soon as possible to allow time for any retakes – otherwise, they face suspension.

Almost 65,000 MOT testers carry out their training and assessment annually, but each year a large proportion leave it until the very last minute. However, what many testers don’t realise is that failure to complete the annual training and assessment will have a detrimental impact on their RAG rating.

While the whole RAG rating algorithm is difficult to interpret due to the number of variables involved, it does appear to be weighted heavily towards the individual testers. While MOT testers don’t need to share their personal RAG score, it is vital that they do everything in their power to ensure this rating is positive – which includes ensuring that their annual MOT training and assessment is carried out ahead of time, the DVSA rates those who have completed their assessment earlier in the year more positively.

A vital part of continuous improvement to maintain high-quality MOTs, the assessment includes at least three hours of training, which can be completed individually, in a group, or on a course with a training provider.

Autotech Training’s annual MOT training syllabus, accredited by the IMI Awards, has been developed to the highest standards covering all topics and hours required by the DVSA to enable MOT testers to learn and develop their MOT testing theory and stay an approved tester.

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