MOT Testing Guide Changes

MOT Testing Guide Changes

This article was originally published on 11 January 2021

The changes to MOT Testing Guide and MOT Inspection Manual were published on 11 January 2021.

You can read the full list of changes in the change table in the MOT Testing Guide, or ‘see all updates’ at the top of each MOT Inspection Manual. All defect changes within the MOT inspection manual will come into effect and show within the MOT testing service on 1 February 2021.

Below are the changes to the MOT Tester Guide we have noted:

  • 1) Section A2.4; Page 22

    Area changed: Description of 'living van' has been amended


    New paragraph - Living vans may be type-approved either as passenger vehicles (M1, M2 or M3) or as goods vehicles (N1, N2, or N3). Living vans approved as passenger vehicles must be tested as Class 4 or Class 5 depending on their seating capacity.

  • 2) Section B3; Page 30

    Area changed: New bullet point added regarding dormant companies

    New bullet point - v. The company becomes dormant.

  • 3) Section B4; Page 33

    Area changed: Connected equipment added
    New Paragraph - c) Where an item of connected equipment is unable to connect to the MOT Testing Service but otherwise is performing correctly, testing may continue for up to 7 calendar days from the time the defect occurred. After that testing cannot continue for vehicles that require that equipment.

  • 4) Section D1 3.2, D4 - para 6, D6; Pages 56-57

    Area changed: Connected equipment added
    As per point 3 above.

  • 5) Section D4 2.1 h; Page 91

    Area changed: Jacking equipment clarification
    Sentence added (highlighted) - h. jacking equipment clearly marked with a minimum SWL of 1.5 tonnes, capable of simultaneously raising both front or both rear wheels using the recommended test procedures and jacking points. It must also be capable of lifting vehicles fitted with independent suspension. Duplicated jacking equipment is acceptable.

  • 6) Section H2.6; Page 181

    Area changed: Change to Documentation
    Details: Change of wording - 'emission printouts' changed to 'emission records'

  • 7) Section I; Pages 146-152

    Area changed: Disciplinary
    Addition of new sanctions from app 8.4 Replacement of credits with mitigation.
    Clarification of terms for appealing against cessation.
    Recommendation: There is a new sanction of “Temporary Suspension” in Section 1 – please review this section carefully.

  • 8) Appendix 2; Page 200 - d

    Area changed: Bullet point added in regarding retention of calibration records
    Calibration records may be retained digitally or as a hardcopy.

  • 9) Appendix 3 para 1

    Area changed: Notes - more relevant example recorded

  • 10) Appendix 6 - 162

    Area changed: Clarification added for if the deadline for completion of the annual assessment is passed
    Testers who do not complete the annual assessment by the 31st of March have their testing status switched to suspended. If they wish to resume testing, they must complete the current year's MOT annual training and assessment and any additional training prior to the demonstration test.

  • 11) Appendix 8.1

    Area changed: A few changes to wording and information added regarding obstructive behaviour
    Details: Deliberate obstructive behaviour towards:
    • vehicle presenters;
    • DVSA staff or contractors
    Point J provides a further explanation.

  • 12) Appendix 8.3

    Area changed: Retests
    Details: Paragraph 5 has been removed.

  • 13) Appendix 8.4

    Area changed: Disciplinary points
    Details: As per point 12.

  • 14) Appendix 8.5

    Area changed: Disciplinary points
    Details: The original section has been removed. The new approach is to allow companies to put forward mitigating circumstances relating to the disciplinary issued.

  • 15) Appendix 8.6-8.7; Pages 256-257

    Area changed: Simplification
    Details: Simplified flow charts reference disciplinary points.

If you have any questions with regards to these changes, please contact Autotech Training.

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