What is involved in a contract vehicle technician role? Interview with Roberto.

What is involved in a contract vehicle technician role? Interview with Roberto.

This article was originally published on 22 May 2023

According to new data, the demand for skilled contractors in the automotive industry is growing, with 34% of automotive employers (compared to 20% last year) planning to use skilled freelance technicians and MOT testers to provide temporary cover and tackle skill shortages. As the demand for skilled contractors grows in the automotive aftermarket, so is the popularity of this career path among vehicle technicians and MOT testers. Are you curious about what is involved in a contract vehicle technician role? Hear from our Autotech Recruit Ambassador, Roberto, who shares his experience and insights into the world of freelance technicians.

Interview with Roberto, our contract vehicle technician and Ambassador.

What year did you first join Autotech Recruit? Did you have any breaks from contracting or have you worked continuously with us since?


Roberto: I joined Autotech Recruit in December 2018, and have worked ever since. My wife and I run a catering and BBQ business during the summer months. While the majority of our catering contracts are over weekends working on weddings, parties, fetes, etc., there is a lot of preparation involved which needs to be done during the latter part of the week. This could prove tiring and time-consuming when I was permanently employed but as a contract vehicle technician, I have so much more flexibility and Autotech Recruit are fantastic at working these weeks around my contracting schedule.

Contract Vehicle Technician Roberto working on the engine of a red car for Autotech Recruit
Roberto on one of his contract assignments with Autotech Recruit

What prompted you to become a contract vehicle technician?


I have worked within the automotive aftermarket since leaving school in 1990, however after being made redundant from my role as a Business Development Manager for a well-known automotive technical information provider, I took some time out and decided that I wanted greater control of my work life. I had heard about Autotech Recruit so contacted them to find out more information – I was contracting within a couple of weeks, and it was without question, one of the best decisions I have made.


What is the process like when you arrive on-site with a new contract?


Very simple, I literally hit the ground running. The Autotech Recruit consultants are very thorough ahead of any new contract starting so you know what to expect when you arrive. They are also at the end of the phone whenever needed – they are a very approachable group. Also, they have arranged for me to store all of my CPD documents online so if a client asks for any documentation, I can show them easily via my phone.

Roberto visiting our head office in Milton Keynes
Roberto visiting our head office in Milton Keynes
Roberto combines working a contract vehicle technician with running his own catering business
Roberto combines working a contract vehicle technician with running his own catering business

Do you see contracting as your full-time job or do you work as a contractor because it allows you to pursue your other responsibilities, jobs, or hobbies?


I became a contractor because it gives me the flexibility to work on other projects, indulge in my hobbies and spend more time with my family. I divide my time between contracting and my other seasonal business. I now also take the entire month of August off work which Autotech Recruit supports and works around. I couldn’t do this in a normal job.


What are your hobbies?


I like football, going to the gym, cooking but mostly, I like to spend time with my family.


Are you EV-trained? If so, to what level? If not, are you planning to?


Autotech Recruit has put me through my IMI Level 1 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle training course, and the intention is for me to complete Levels 2 & 3 EV training soon. I know that through Autotech Recruit there are plenty of training courses available to me if and when I need to upskill.


Last but not least, why did you want to join our Autotech Recruit Ambassador Programme? What does it mean to you to be part of it? 


It is in my nature to want to help others and I believed that by becoming an Ambassador I could share my experience of working with Autotech Recruit which may benefit other prospective contractors.


Start working as a contract vehicle technician with Autotech Recruit

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