Before You Consider a Vehicle Technician Job: The Importance of Workshop Culture

Before You Consider a Vehicle Technician Job: The Importance of Workshop Culture

This article was originally published on 5 March 2024

When you're considering a new role as a vehicle technician, it's natural to focus on salary and more technical aspects of the job. What training does it offer? What are the daily responsibilities? While these are certainly important, there's another crucial element that can greatly impact your job satisfaction and success: the workshop culture.

Autotech Recruit - Before You Consider a Vehicle Technician Job: The Importance of Workshop Culture

Understanding workshop culture

Workshop culture is the heartbeat of any garage. It's what defines the atmosphere and dictates how colleagues engage with one another, shaping everything from the approach to teamwork and communication, to the shared values around work quality, safety standards, and customer care. This culture is not just about the tasks but extends to how individuals within the team support each other, creating an environment that encourages professional growth and personal fulfilment.


For instance, consider the journey of Autotech Recruit’s former contractor, Dave, who recently transitioned into a permanent role after nine years of contracting. Initially moving between various garages, Dave found a sense of community and belonging at a particular location over the last three years.


"I have had the pleasure of contracting with Autotech Recruit for an incredible nine years, during which I've undertaken numerous contracts. However, over the last three years, I've primarily been assigned to the same garage, only occasionally stepping in at other locations as needed. With each return to this garage, I found a sense of belonging and was always warmly received by the staff. This experience allowed me to truly connect with the place and the people, ultimately leading me to accept a full-time position there. While it's bittersweet to move on from Autotech Recruit, I am immensely grateful for all the consistent work, and training they have provided me over the years that has significantly contributed to my career development.” Dave’s experience underscores the profound impact a positive workshop culture can have on an individual's career path.

Why is workshop culture important?

Having a positive environment in the garage is crucial for many reasons. It helps people work well together and encourages everyone to talk openly, keeps learning going, and puts safety first. This kind of atmosphere doesn't just make everyday tasks more enjoyable; it also makes people happier with their jobs and more productive. On the other hand, if the atmosphere is bad, it can stifle the employees’ growth, induce stress, and dampen motivation.


For vehicle technicians, where the job involves both technical know-how and practical work, having support and teamwork is very important. Making sure workshops have this positive and supportive atmosphere is good not only for individual careers but also improves staff retention and service.

How contracting can be a pathway to finding the right permanent job

  1. Contracting can be an excellent way to 'test the waters' of various workshops and their cultures. It allows you to experience different environments, working styles, and management approaches before committing to a permanent position.
  2. By moving between different workshops, you can gain a wider range of experiences and skills, and you'll also get a clearer idea of what kind of culture suits you best. Do you thrive in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment, or do you prefer a more laid-back, friendly atmosphere? Are you looking for a garage that values innovation and cutting-edge technology, or one that prides itself on traditional craftsmanship and customer service?
  3. Additionally, contracting can increase your chances of landing a well-paid permanent role. If you prove yourself to be a valuable asset during your contract, there's a good chance the employer will want to keep you around. Even if a permanent position isn't immediately available, you'll have made a positive impression and established valuable connections for the future.

Start as a contractor and find an environment where you can truly thrive

Before you leap into a vehicle technician or MOT tester job, take the time to consider the workshop's culture. It's not just about what you can do for the garage, but also what it can do for you. By starting as a contractor, you can explore different cultures and find an environment where you can truly thrive. Remember, your job is a significant part of your life, so it's worth taking the time to find a place where you feel valued, supported, and motivated to do your best work.

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