Autotech Training Offers IMI Accredited Air Conditioning Courses

Autotech Training Offers IMI Accredited Air Conditioning Courses

This article was originally published on 5 May 2021

Autotech Training is now offering IMI accredited courses to make technicians skilled in repairing and servicing vehicle air conditioning systems, and help garages meet regulations surrounding fluorinated gases (F-Gas).

The one-day, IMI Level 3 Automotive Refrigerant Handling course details how to safely extract and restore F-Gas from an air conditioning unit, while the two-day, IMI Level 3, Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance course includes the refrigerant handling element, while also equipping technicians with the skills to effectively service and repair air conditioning units.

Both courses are being delivered at Autotech Training’s dedicated learning facility within the Milton Keynes headquarters of Autotech Group.

All vehicle air conditioning systems contain F-Gas which, according to EU regulations, must only be recovered during servicing and dismantling by a qualified person to eliminate the risk of the powerful greenhouse gas being emitted into the atmosphere.

At a time when many people will begin to switch on their vehicle’s air conditioning units, it is vital that every garage or workshop complies with legislation which now states that at least ONE vehicle technician within a garage holds an Automotive Refrigerant Handling qualification to safely recover the gas.

“It is essential that vehicle technicians, when servicing an air conditioning unit, have the skill set to effectively manage F-Gas and comply with regulations,” comments Mandla Ndhlovu, Training Delivery Director for Autotech Training. “Also, having the additional qualification to service and repair units will provide garages with a further revenue opportunity.”

“We are committed to equipping vehicle technicians with the skill set needed to keep them fully proficient, and able to service all vehicles safely.”

With the increase in electric/hybrid vehicles on the market now, vehicle technicians should already be trained in EV safety ahead of attending the Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance course.

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