EV training support increase following 2030 ban

EV training support increase following 2030 ban

This article was originally published on 23 November 2020

The ban on petrol and diesel car sales has been brought forward to 2030. This is part of the Government’s climate change pledge. Now, the automotive industry is gearing up for a substantial rise in electric vehicles sales. In a bid to support the transition within the aftermarket, Autotech Recruit is announcing the launch of its most significant EV training initiatives to date. Under the umbrella of its newly launched brand - Autotech Training.

Autotech Training EV Training Suite (artist's impression)
Autotech Training EV Training Suite (artist's impression)

By the end of next year, EVERY contractor working full time within Autotech Recruit’s network of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers will be trained to a minimum Level 2 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle IMI standard.

EV Training Suite

The company is also increasing its investment within EV training for the whole industry . Building a dedicated EV Training Suite, complete with an electric car to deliver hands-on training, within its Milton Keynes headquarters.


Delivering EV courses from basic awareness for companies electrifying their fleet, to vehicle technicians looking for Level 2 and 3 IMI accredited training, the unique, EV Training Suite is set to be a significant step forward for Autotech Training.


The EV Training Suite will complement Autotech Training’s current, on-site EV training programme. Delivered on the premises of any garage or business to reduce business downtime.

Greater investment

Autotech Group CEO Gavin White, who joined the Institute of the Motor Industry’s (IMI) TechSafe™ Sector Advisory Group to help drive forward the Electrified Vehicle Professional Standard during the summer comments: “Demand for electric vehicles has doubled in the last year and manufacturers are increasing their investment in the build of these cars. The percentage of vehicle technicians sufficiently trained to safely service electric vehicles is nowhere near where it should be.


The entire aftermarket is under pressure to deal with the repairs and maintenance of EV vehicles. Training measures need to be put in place.”


Autotech Recruit is investing in its network of over 450 temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers. With free EV training for full-time contractors. Part-time contractors will receive subsidised training. Equipping them with the relevant skills to fill labour gaps across the country. “We have already seen an uplift in the number of enquiries for temporary vehicle technicians trained to service electric vehicles.


The investment is a big commitment. To safeguard our contractors and create a strong, fully skilled network to support the industry.


The EV Training Suite, which is set to be completed in early 2021, will be supported by key Autotech partners, including BP Chargemaster, the IMI TechSafe™, Haynes Pro Technical, Bosch, Our Virtual Academy, Autogem and Teng Tools.


“Currently around 5% of UK automotive technicians are adequately trained to work on electric vehicles," added Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI. “That means the ramp-up plan for all those who are likely to work on electrical vehicles. From service and repair technicians to those working in the roadside recovery and blue light sectors, needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. It’s, therefore, encouraging, to see the investment being made by Autotech Recruit to tackle this challenge. 


The IMI TechSafe™ standards, endorsed by OLEV at the end of 2019, mean that electrified vehicle users can access the IMI Professional Register to check the electric vehicle technical competencies of technicians at their local garage. And Autotech Recruit EV training efforts will help towards the critical mass of technicians qualified.”

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