Comment on the PM’s decision to push back the EV switch

Comment on the PM’s decision to push back the EV switch

This article was originally published on 21 September 2023

By Simon King, CEO of Autotech Group


Yesterday’s announcement that the Government intends to push the ban of new ICE vehicle sales back by 5 years to 2035 will undoubtedly be met with mixed reactions and provoke debate within the automotive industry. 

EV switch pushback

During his speech, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak commented that, as a country, we need to strengthen the automotive industry.


For several years Autotech Training, part of Autotech Group, has highlighted the need for greater education and training on electric vehicles. EV training isn’t purely for the vehicle technicians who are responsible for repairing and maintaining them, but anyone who works or operates them, including the customer who drives their new EV off the forecourt, needs educating.


Not only for their safety, but to understand how to drive them efficiently.


Fleet companies, along with local authorities and the emergency services have invested heavily in electrification and will undoubtedly continue to build on this electric future while vehicle manufacturers, who have made firm commitments on when they will move to fully zero-emissions cars, have said they will not deter from these planned dates.


Therefore, despite the Government moving its climate commitments, the aftermarket cannot afford to become complacent.


The fact is there are more electric vehicles on the road today than there are people trained to work on them. It is imperative that we continue pushing forward with plans to upskill technicians and educate the wider public on EVs - this will not only lead to a stronger automotive sector but ensure that everyone has the right knowledge to make the transition safely and successfully.


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