Earn Extra Money for Christmas with Autotech Recruit

Earn Extra Money for Christmas with Autotech Recruit

This article was originally published on 7 November 2023

As we enter the festive season, many of us find ourselves facing the daunting task of managing the expenses that accompany the holidays. The truth is, Christmas can be the most financially demanding time of the year. But what if we told you that there's a way to increase your income and ease the burden?

Christmas piggy bank

At Autotech Recruit, we have fantastic contract opportunities for vehicle technicians and MOT testers who are seeking to make some extra money ahead of Christmas. If you have some additional availability or can spare some time on weekends, why not consider contracting with us as a freelancer?


You may be thinking, "But I already have a full-time job!" Well, that's the beauty of it. Around 10% of our contractors work with us on their days off or during annual leave while maintaining their permanent employment elsewhere. This means you have the freedom to choose how many days you work and can earn additional income without completely disrupting your current salary.


Not only will you be able to supplement your earnings, but you'll also join a team of highly skilled professionals who are in high demand. Our clients value your expertise and offer an opportunity to showcase your skills while working as freelance vehicle technicians and MOT testers.


So, if you're looking for a way to make more money this Christmas and beyond, don't miss out on the chance to join Autotech Recruit's network of contractors. Boost your income and take control of your financial future by contracting with us. Get in touch today and let's discuss how we can make this festive season a little merrier for you!

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