Contractor Webinar – Session Review

Contractor Webinar – Session Review

This article was originally published on 19 February 2021

Our recent webinar covered a number of working practice updates for our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers. As promised, here is a reminder of the discussion and key messages from the session.

Autotech Recruit webinar for contractors

MOT annual training and assessment

Our service is built on the foundation of qualified contractors who have both up-to-date knowledge and a passion for ongoing learning. It is therefore vitally important that you complete your MOT annual training and assessment in good time ahead of the DVSA deadline.

If you have not yet completed your MOT annual training and assessment, please finalise it as soon as possible. You can purchase it directly from Autotech Training or by contacting Steve Kirk, Sales Director, Autotech Training on 07958 176023.

Compliance reminder for MOT testers

We urge our contract MOT testers to stay focused during their assignments and always keep the following things on their mind:

• Check (and double-check) the VTS details you are logging into each day and log off at the end of the day
• An MOT will take as long as it takes. Don't be rushed. If you are being pressurised, call your consultant
• You work hard each year for your MOT licence - don't jeopardise it by trying to work overly fast or by cutting corners
• If you make a mistake or an error, stop and call us for advice. Never compound the mistake by trying to cover it up!
• It is easier to resolve an issue if you tell us about it. A surprise call from the client is not how we would prefer to find out!
• Mandla, from our training team is available on 01234 240503 for MOT advice - call him if you need help

Future developments

Our Contractor Portal is in final stages of testing and will be fully operational in the next few weeks. It will provide a facility to check-in to placements and receive reminders. It will also allow you to securely manage, view and download all your compliance documents, including qualification certificates and MOT annual training and assessment documentation.

We are also excited to report that we will soon be giving our contractors access to the leading technical data. An official announcement will follow by the end of this month.

Thank you for your hard work

In closing, we would like to thank you for all your hard work, professional attitude and maintaining high quality of your workmanship. Keep up the good work!

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