Autotech Talks With… Prashant Chopra, Autogem Invicta

Autotech Talks With… Prashant Chopra, Autogem Invicta

This article was originally published on 9 June 2020

In the latest of our 'Autotech Talks' series, CEO Gavin White speaks to Prashant Chopra, Co-Owner at Autogem Invicta on the impact events are having on the tyre industry and the automotive sector as a whole.

As a supplier of tyre technology products and general workshop consumables to dealerships and garages, Prashant, who was formerly chairman of the NTDA, discussed the impact COVID 19 has had on the supply chain.


With exports making up to 50% of Autogem’s business, Prashant highlighted the effect on the global supply chain as the virus moved from east to west, the rationing of products to ensure the industry is equipped with vital supplies, and his ‘COVID equation’ on future supply and demand.


Discussing the inevitable spike in vehicles coming through for servicing and the need for greater repairs due to the MOT extension, Prashant also reflected on how automotive firms who had already embraced good garage software will manage this demand. And, as we have all become more comfortable with technology during this period, how smarter systems, and technology such as TPMS will roll out amongst garages who were yet to adopt, ‘communications between garages and customers will be key.’


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