Autotech Talks With… Colin Gleghorn, Fourmative

Autotech Talks With… Colin Gleghorn, Fourmative

This article was originally published on 26 May 2020

In the latest in the series of Autotech Talks, our CEO Gavin White speaks to Colin Gleghorn, director at Fourmative. Recognised for delivering coaching and training to businesses within the automotive aftermarket, Colin provides his take on the impact the 6 months MOT extension will have on the market, and the need to closely follow guidelines.

Around 3 million vehicles in the UK which should have been MOT’d by now so there will be a definite spike in testing as the lockdown continues to ease. However, while garages will still need to continue to meet specific MOT guidelines, they will also be under scrutiny from the HSE to deliver on the 5-point plan and face random spot checks to ensure compliance.


Imploring garages to follow the guidelines as; “if we don’t get it right it might take us longer to get back to normal,” Colin provides guidance to technicians and garage owners on how to ensure they implement the measures, adapt themselves and self-regulate.


With the prospect of a changing market and a decrease in consumer confidence as a result of Covid-19, Colin also encourages the aftermarket to adopt a smarter way of working and utilise contactless technology where possible.


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