Autotech Group’s Charitable Giving

Autotech Group’s Charitable Giving

This article was originally published on 4 June 2023

At Autotech Group, we believe in doing our part to make a positive impact and the immense value of giving back to the community and those in need, which is why we are committed to supporting some incredible charitable organisations. Three of these charities, Macmillan Cancer, Wheelwrights Charity, and Ben, have been the focus of our fundraising efforts for 2023. We have pledged to donate £5,000 by the end of the year and six months in we are now on track to deliver this pledge.

However, our support has extended beyond these charities and here are some recent examples of when our staff did their part to make a positive impact.


Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to donate some of our IT equipment to the Children's Air Ambulance, including seven laptops that we no longer needed. It was a simple gesture, but we knew that these items could support their life-saving work. If your organisation is looking for a way to give back, we encourage you to consider donating your unused IT equipment to The Air Ambulance Service.


Every year, we send out a client survey and, for every completed response, we pledge to donate to a charity of our choice. As a result, in early January we were able to donate £500 to the Trussell Trust, an organisation that supports a nationwide network of food banks and contributes to fighting poverty and advocating for change. If you're looking to support a charity that is making a real difference, we encourage you to check out the Trussell Trust and consider making a donation today.


On 1 June 2023, Gavin White, Autotech Group’s CEO, displayed his impressive (considering his age and fitness levels) goalkeeping skills at the Plunkys All-Stars Football Match. This year the event was organised to raise funds for The Norfolk Hospice, a charity based in West Norfolk that offers care and support to people affected by life-limiting illnesses. It was heart-warming to see so many people from the automotive industry show their support for this worthy cause and Autotech Group were proud to donate £500 towards fundraising efforts. Join us in showing your support by donating today!


Charity and giving back to those in need is something that we value not only as a company. In the first half of 2023, our staff members and their families have supported some amazing charities, resulting in over £1,000 in joint donations. We're proud to share a few standout donations that hold a special place in our hearts:


Earlier this year Rob, Autotech Training’s Technical Trainer, witnessed his 7-year-old daughter donate her beautiful hair to the Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust is a wonderful charity that provides real hair wigs to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. This beautiful act of kindness raised an incredible amount of £782 for the charity, which will undoubtedly transform the lives of many young children. It's inspiring to see young people making such a big impact in the world. Read more about how you could help:


Our Recruitment Consultant Sturt may have run out of hair to donate, but he did participate in the Blenheim 7K race for an amazing cause. Stuart helped raise an impressive £662 for the Oxford Hospitals Charity in support of a truly inspiring little girl named Aziza. Despite not being much of a runner, Stu managed to complete the race in just under an hour, with a time of 0:58:55. Not only did he make a respectable showing, but he was also the second fastest man named Stuart to cross the finish line! All jokes aside, Stuart's efforts are to be commended, and he serves as a wonderful example of the kind of impact we can make when we put our minds to it.


Finally, in addition to the above efforts, our team were thrilled to support Red Nose Day this past March, donning our best red outfits and coming together to raise over £300 for this impactful charity. It was heartwarming to see our team come together for such an important cause, knowing that every pound we raised would make a difference in the lives of those in need.


We take pride in supporting such great causes and look forward to continuing our support for worthy causes like this in the future. Some may argue that giving should be done quietly, but we believe that by being vocal about our involvement, we have the power to raise awareness and inspire others to join us on our mission.

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