Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report 2023

Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report 2023

This article was originally published on 18 April 2023

Our recent Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report has revealed that almost 75% of automotive employers have admitted that they are finding it even more difficult to recruit skilled staff compared to just 12 months ago, with over 90% disclosing that the situation will get increasingly challenging over the coming years.

Over 80% of respondents recently surveyed by Autotech Group have at least one open workshop position, but to counteract the challenges, and retain existing staff, over half (55%) said that they would offer vehicle technicians currently working for them a pay rise over the course of 2023.


While permanent recruitment still remains the top solution for 76% of respondents, automotive employers also proclaimed that they intend to engage a combination of solutions to tackle staff shortages. From a greater reliance on using skilled freelance technicians and MOT testers to cover resource gaps, an increase of almost 15% compared to last year, to creating opportunities for young talent through apprenticeships and internship routes.


Over 65% admitted that carving out career paths for young people featured highly within their recruitment strategies – an increase on the number surveyed during the same period last year.


The survey, sent to workshop and garage managers, and anyone within the automotive aftermarket responsible for recruitment, is the second consecutive study conducted by Autotech Group. The first survey was carried out in the first two months of 2022.


The results of this year’s survey (carried out between December 2022 and February 2023) highlight that the challenges facing the industry as a consequence of the skills shortage have, in some cases, intensified.


In the first survey, 80% admitted that they found it difficult to recruit skilled staff. The fact that 70% of respondents in the second survey disclosed that they are finding it even more challenging just 12 months on, is testament to the ever-depleting pool of automotive talent.


“The results of our 2023 survey reveal that 12 months on, the automotive aftermarket’s recruitment landscape remains relatively unchanged, but employers are finding that the situation is impacting their business even more,” comments Simon King, Managing Director of Autotech Group.


“The industry has been losing talent to competing sectors for some time, but while skilled, technical staff have realised their worth and sought jobs offering better pay, benefits and prospects elsewhere, the automotive industry continues to fall behind. Benefits packages have become the battleground, but the sector is still falling short in this area. Greater emphasis needs to be placed on offering the right incentives to attract the best talent.


What is encouraging is the fact employers are willing to embrace alternative recruitment methods, from utilising freelancers to employing lower-skilled staff with a view to investing in their training and development.”


To download our Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report, click here.

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