Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report 2024: Insights & Strategies for Overcoming Skills Shortage

Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey Report 2024: Insights & Strategies for Overcoming Skills Shortage

This article was originally published on 12 March 2024

We are pleased to present the results of Autotech Recruit’s annual Automotive Recruitment Trends Survey, conducted between December 2023 and January 2024. The survey was completed by 109 automotive industry employers from across the United Kingdom. The results offer us an important glimpse into the current hiring trends and challenges our sector is facing, providing a foundation for understanding how we can move forward effectively.

The data collected from the survey highlights a prevalent challenge in filling vehicle technician positions, coupled with a projected uptick in job vacancies. A majority of businesses are strategising to bridge these gaps by implementing certain recruitment and training solutions.


Among the data revealed by the survey, we identified some key findings:


  • 52% of respondents revealed skills shortages prevented them from meeting customer demand last year
  • 69% of employers are finding vehicle technician roles the most difficult to fill
  • 50% of respondents expect an increase in vehicle technician vacancies in 2024
  • 49% cited general skill shortage as the main reason for planning to use temporary staff
  • 71% plan to recruit for permanent roles
  • 67% stated that they reviewed their staff’s salaries in response to the cost of living crisis
  • 71% named electric/hybrid vehicle as their top staff training priority


James Mackay, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit comments: "Our survey highlights that the skills shortage within the industry is still prevalent and the impact this is having on businesses, along with plans to address the challenge. Encouragingly, there is a growing recognition of the need to invest in salary and training, but it is important to remember that no company can resolve these issues alone. Stakeholders from across the industry - including employers, educational providers, recruitment specialists, technology suppliers and industry interest organisations need to work cohesively to make a real difference.”


“Our business was founded on our network of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers and, since our inception in 2010, we have worked to educate the industry on how the use of temporary cover shouldn’t be a reactive measure but built into annual strategies as a way of providing flexibility, allowing businesses to manage absence cover and scale up capacity without the long-term commitment of permanent hires.


The results of the survey clearly reveal a maturing of the sector in the understanding of this concept. Skilled temporary contractors are viewed as valuable resources, helping automotive businesses navigate the continually evolving landscape of the UK automotive industry.”


Download Autotech Recruit’s Recruitment Survey Report 2024.

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