A Statement from Autotech Group’s Gavin White

A Statement from Autotech Group’s Gavin White

This article was originally published on 13 September 2023

Autotech Group would like to share a statement from Gavin White.

I would like to share an update on my current health situation. A couple of weeks ago, I underwent surgery after receiving a brain tumour diagnosis. The operation was successful and, following consultation, I will now embark on a regime of further treatment.


This will be carried out over the next eight months or so. Consequently I, along with the Autotech Group Board, have put plans in place to cover my absence and, with immediate effect Simon King, Autotech Group Managing Director, will become Interim CEO.


Preparations for this succession were already in place for early 2024, the current situation has simply accelerated our plan. With the full support of the board, it was my intention to take on a Chair role for the company, enabling me to take on more non-executive roles across the sector, becoming an ambassador for the automotive industry - something which I remain extremely passionate about.


While I take this time to undergo the treatment plan and recuperate, with the full support of my family, friends and extended Autotech Group family, the company, along with each of its divisions, will run as it always has - with a strong, committed team of talented people dedicated to providing top class services.

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